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5 years 8 months ago #25252 by Kazara
Kazara created the topic: EVE: EVE TV - FANFEST 2012 LIVE STREAM
You want this in HD? Then be willing to pony up the $$$$.

Fanfest 2012 is shaping up to be the best Fanfest ever, however here at CCP we understand that not everyone can make it to this icy rock in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. After all, sometimes you just want to sit back, relax at home, and have a portion of Fanfest brought to you.

Well EVE TV is here to help. For Fanfest 2012 we're pulling out all the stops to bring you 3 full days of live action, covering the Thursday, Friday and Saturday of Fanfest 2012!

So what can you expect?

Full live feed from Fanfest 2012, now covering all three (3) days' worth of events.
An estimated 32+ hours* of content broadcast live from the new venue.
Major presentations streamed as they happen with regularly updated highlights of concurrent events
CCP Soundwave is joined by CCP Sunset and CCP Guard to guide you through the full line-up of events
Continuous information overload from the presentations, EVE and DUST 514 Fanfest Tournaments, Dev interviews, player interviews and events.
The Party on Top of the World! Including live acts: HaZaR, GusGus, HAM, DJ Alienhand, RoXoR, Permaband and more!

To make such an awesome show possible we have two viewing options for you this year:


The full show in glorious High Definition, the only option if you want the full experience of Fanfest brought to your home. This feed will be of a significantly higher quality than the standard definition feed.

The full show in glorious High Definition, the only option if you want the full experience of Fanfest brought to your home. This feed will offer several viewing options to match your internet speed and will all be significantly higher quality than the standard definition feed.

Includes Exclusive Fanfest 2012 Virtual Swag!

As an added bonus, your purchase of an EVE TV stream of Fanfest 2012 includes two in-game items exclusive to viewers and visitors of Fanfest 2012.

The limited edition Fanfest 2012 Quafe T-Shirt

The Iteron Mark IV Quafe Ultra Edition industrial ship

See more information on these one-time collectables here:

To secure the HD feed for Fanfest all you have to do is login to account management or click the button below. For payment options you can choose between either 1 PLEX or a near equivallant price payable by credit card and various other options.

During Fanfest just log back into account management and the "Watch Now!" link will have appeared and will take you to the HD stream.

Your special edition items will be delivered to you through the redeeming system in game upon purchase of the EVE TV HD feed. For more information on redeeming items in EVE Online please visit


For those who don't want to watch in HD then we've thought about you too! The entire stream will be available in a lower quality feed which will be free to view. You don't have to do anything in advance to watch this feed, simply visit on the day to watch! But note you won't receive any of the exclusive Fanfest 2012 items!

Whichever option you choose we hope you'll enjoy the show and even at this late stage we'd encourage everyone to book those last minute tickets and come see Fanfest for yourself, there's no replacement for joining us in person and experiencing EVE history being made all around you!

Coverage will include Fanfest activities, as well as EVE TV exclusive interviews and commentaries throughout the broadcast. No minimum uptime guaranteed.

Technical Requirements:

HD stream

Recommended 1.5mb/sec broadband internet connection or better.
Internet browser capable of playing Adobe Flash.
There will be 3 streaming bitrate options for HD viewers to best match your internet speed.

Free stream

512k broadband internet connection
Internet browser capable of playing Adobe Flash
There will be 1 streaming bitrate option provided.


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