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Kazara created the topic: Fallen Earth: State of the Game - September 2010
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Our upcoming patch (v1.7), scheduled for release shortly, contains equally exciting new features, bringing loads of new content to the Province:

Faction Control Points: Players have yet another form of PvP in Fallen Earth.Flags placed throughout the world can be claimed by a faction! Any player can claim the flag (though they’ll have to fight for it), and once they do, new harvest nodes, guards and buffs will spawn in the area, accessible by other members of that faction.

Combat Rebalancing: We’re making improvements to the current combat system to make it even more exciting and fast-paced—and once in place, respec options will be available for players to adjust to the changes. Our main focus on this patch will be damage and damage mitigation. In the next patch we will be focused on faction, skills, mutations, and many other features which we will highlight as we get closer.

New Encounter areas: All new encounter areas in Sectors One, Two, Three and Deadfall!These areas can be found near Old Kingman, Blaine, Gaia, and Deadfall.

Social Clothing: Vehicle color customization was the first phase in allowing players to personalize their gear. In our September patch, v1.7, we’re giving players the option to customize their clothing! We know this is something you’ve been asking for, and items will include tops, pants, hats, and jackets. The process works the same as for vehicle customization—new Paint And Dye Kits have been added to the Dyes crafting knowledge and players can purchase these from merchants throughout the wasteland.

Read the entire 'Sate of the Game' here.

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