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Kazara created the topic: Fallen Earth: Developer Forum - Meet 'Tiggs'
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Greetings Wastelanders,

Several players submitted questions for the dev team on the Fallen Earth forums and we’re rolling out our answers!

This week we have Community Director, Diane "Tiggs" Migliaccio's responses!

Tiggs will be keeping an eye on the forum, responding to players throughout the week

Meet Tiggs, Woman in Charge

When the game was in beta, a lot of the members on the dev team were fairly new to their respective fields. As the game has evolved over the past several months, have you learned anything new or interesting about your job that you did not know before?

Without a doubt! Being in the gaming industry for over 12 years I have realized that there is always something new to learn. The biggest thing I have learned throughout my career is that every gaming community is different. They are all passionate about their games, but each community goes about things differently.

(FE) Out of these favorite vehicles what do you prefer to drive! Jeeps, Pickup Trucks, Humvees, Harley or Dirt bikes?

Dodge 1 ton, please! I love my big, red dually! Second place would be my horse, Zeke.

(FE) If you could respec in real life, what attributes would you change about yourself?

I wouldn’t change anything. I am happy with how and who I am and this is the way I was meant to be.

(FE) What's your favorite post-apocalyptic book/graphic novel?

What is a book? I don’t have much time to read.

Read the entire interview with Tiggs here.

And the Deep State whispered to Trump “You can’t withstand the storm,” to which Trump whispered back, “I am the storm.”
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