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Kazara created the topic: LotRO: The 2010 Fall Festival

This is from the Developer's Diary By: Lauren 'Budgeford' Salk.

Snippet -

The Event:

You’ll never guess what’s been excavated in Hobbiton: a Haunted Hobbit Cellar! That old Mad Baggins has done it again. Thanks to his Tomfoolery, tongues are wagging all across the Shire, even though he’s no longer around to take the proper blame. Before he left, Bilbo seemed to wish for the peace-loving Shire-folk (and any Other-folk who might find themselves wandering by) to get a taste of adventure, and an adventure is just what they found….

As party-planners were digging to install another oven at the Party Tree, one of the diggers felt his shovel thud against some hard wood. The prospective oven was quickly abandoned as hobbits from a mile in every direction came to help dig out a door, which according to a floor plan of Bag End leads to one of Bilbo’s locked cellars that Lobelia never quite managed to get into!

The Party Tree

Rumor has it that Bilbo’s treasure (that no one ever managed to find) is locked within, and Lobelia has her eye on it. Some claim the most terrible monsters lurk inside, guarding Bilbo’s treasure from thieving cousins and neighbors. More sensible Hobbits believe that it’s nothing more than a dingy old cellar, abandoned since Bilbo’s departure, and that even Frodo, his nephew and heir, never knew about it. Still others allege that Gandalf put a curse on the place, and that’s why everyone gets chills when they hover around near the door. Bilbo always was very strange.

It’s really a shame that no one can find the key. I guess we’ll just have to wonder!

Read the entire article here.

And the Deep State whispered to Trump “You can’t withstand the storm,” to which Trump whispered back, “I am the storm.”

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