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Kazara created the topic: LotRO: Producer's Letter October- 2010
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As some of you know, I was invited to speak at the Austin Game Developers Conference and present some details on the results of LOTRO’s introduction of the free option and Store. I’d like to share some of that talk with you, now. First off, the results have been great – our revenues have doubled, we’ve had a million new accounts created, and our subscription numbers continue to grow! I made two main points at GDC (other than talking about the results), which are:

Turbine’s philosophy on making great MMOs centers around the following four points:

* Build a great game & consistently deliver polished game updates, so that the core gameplay continues to be strong and fun – two elements needed if players are going to keep coming back.
* Give players ways they can customize how to pay and play the game, with different account levels, payment options, and content types – making sure that we offer something for every player interested in the game.
* Make the buying experience as easy as possible and integrate into gameplay – in game purchase experiences that are awkward and hard to understand do not encourage repeat business.
* Provide responsive and reliable customer service for players, including actively listening to player concerns and responding to feedback with game changes or adjustments.

As a result of the change in our business model, we have grown our view on how to develop new content and features for the game.

* Listen to your players. Players vote by buying or playing content or items they like the best, and by giving direct feedback through the forums, customer service, and chat in game. By staying tuned in on how players are feeling about the game, devs know better what to add, what to fix, and how to ensure that players keep having fun.
* Optimize the Store. Focus on improving the buying experience and catalog offering to make sure player needs are being addressed is vital to having a healthy business.
* Quality storytelling is also really good business! Great content engages players and keeps them having fun. In a business model where players can choose to not pay for the game, players that are in game and having fun are more apt to stay engaged and purchase additional quality content and other items.

Read the entire letter here.

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