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Kazara created the topic: LotRO: Q&A with Executive Producer Kate Paiz had a Q&A interview with Executive Producer Kate Paiz which covered the game's transition to F2P and future plans.

Snippet -[/color]

ZAM: One of the unique aspects of the LOTRO store in comparison to the DDO store are the expansions (Mines of Moria and Siege of Mirkwood) that need to be purchased in order to advance to the higher level caps. Now that LOTRO has made the transition to its F2P model, should players expect more "quest pack" expansions in the form of new lands to be purchased, piecemeal, or will there, one day, be another full expansion down the line?

Turbine: Both, I think. One of the changes we are making for our next update, coming in November, is that all players will be able to play through the epic quests in Moria and Mirkwood, but will need to purchase the rest of the quests through the Expansion Pack. Going forward, we'll probably release region and quests both in updates and in future Expansion Packs.

ZAM: And on that note, what sort of new things can players expect to see coming in the short-term; new cosmetic items, or perhaps some other convenience-related items that didn't make it into the first round?

Turbine: Our November Update will include a new type of store item that is a general ingredient pack for a given tier of crafting. This will allow players to buy a few premium ingredient packs to use for a variety of crafting recipes, thereby speeding up their crafting experience.

ZAM: To end on a more general note, there has been a recent upsurge in MMORPG development, and there will be a lot of new developers entering the scene in this year and the next. Given the amount of competition around, there have already been a few casualties of the market, most notably being the implosion Realtime Worlds' All Points Bulletin. As a veteran MMO development team with three successful MMORPGs under your belts, do you have any advice for some of these untested developers as they try to compete?

Turbine: Focus on gameplay. If you have a really fun game that people like to play, you can survive a lot of challenges in the market. Gameplay and fun are king!

Read the entire Q&A here.

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