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7 years 5 months ago #265 by kefkah
kefkah created the topic: First Impressions of the new LOTRO
I got this minor update from a good friend of mine that has been playing the game since Beta.

Well, I tooled around in the store for a while last night. I didn’t see anything that was for sale that was out of whack, yet. One thing that does give me concern was a tab for class skills, there was nothing in it and only 4 classes were listed. Not sure what may be going in there hopefully nothing more than maybe skill reset scrolls or something, but that would still be bad IMO. I did see a lot of neat things: one-shot teleportation scrolls to various areas, xp potions, item xp potions, xp/item xp combo potions (maxed at +20% and offer various durations), and you can buy revives.

The pricing is way off IMO. 100 points for a one-shot teleport scroll seems a bit much by about a factor of 10 or 20. 395 for stat tomes 1st +10, 450 for 2nd +10, 495 for 3rd +10. The best deal you can buy points for is 138 points for $1 but that is if you spend $49.99 for 6900 points, you get 64 points for $1 at $6.50 for 420 points. It costs 6700 pints to get +30 to all stats for 1 character.

The crafting tabs were empty except for base recipies.

I killed a few things and didn’t notice any xp gain difference so at this point the xp potions are not required.

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7 years 5 months ago #276 by Exile
Exile replied the topic: Re: First Impressions of the new LOTRO
teleportations make me sick to my stomach.

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