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Kazara created the topic: LotRO: Summary of Anniversary Livestream

Quote Originally Posted by Amorey View Post

Few things they said that were interesting ( this is all I can remember for now ) :

- The will not talk or speculate about the licence and/or its possible renewal ' we will face that when it comes' they said

- We are defiantly going to Mordor very soon

- Bingo Boffin's adventures started as a small side project that players love - they are not planning anymore with Dwarves/Elves when Bingo finally comes home

- They did mention Minas Morgul

- They are building a smaller version of Minas Tirith in the sunshine ( post battle ) to be a future hub

- MoL revealed that many session-play he had created sadly did not make it into the game

- The content creators did mention 'frustration' at some of the limitation they have

- We wont probably see hog-mounts in the future

- The EU datacenter move was cancelled for contractual reasons and wont happen after all

- They find hard sometime to replicate bugs we report on their internal test server but they do try

- There will not be new races

- There will not be more expansions but just updates

- They did not answer about seeing Northern Mirkwood or any other location from The Hobbit in the future

- They love baking ( in real life )

- Building new emotes is a huge undertaking so I am not sure we will see a fart emote in the future ( but farts were mentioned in the live stream thanks to Connor )

- The team is much smaller that it used to be , there are no 'class developers' just general 'system developers

- They are working to improve the burglar

- They read the forum daily

- They are not sure we will see new minstrel instruments

- The new raid will have 7 (?) bosses and will be an open space ( not sure what that mean)

- Loot tables are very complex to fix ( they are trying to do it in small chunks )

- The Rift raid will never be scaled due to its complexity ( to scale it down would take away all the resources from other things )

- They enjoy having personal items designed and put into the game ( ponies, quests, npcs etc )

- We met the guy responsible for the tickling goats quest

- Voice acting over all the text in game will not happen as it is too expensive and time consuming ( actors, translations etc )

A few edits/additions to what Amorey has pointed out... (and SPOILERS for the story up to the most recent book of the epic included)

On Minas Morgul, they pretty much confirmed that we were going there (it seemed rather accidental, with DrOctothorpe saying in chat to Pinion that he was allowed to talk about it, and then Pinion not being sure if he could give that spoiler) - so yea, it seems we'll finally be seeing Minas Morgul - and I'm hoping rather more of the Morgul Vale (the Secret Stair, Cirith Ungol) alongside it. From a story perspective, given then flight of Gothmog from Aragorn in A Field of Red, it very much makes sense for us to follow Earnur back to the location from whence he came and finally defeat him - presumably before the Black Gate, although I wonder how that might work.

Regarding the raid, from what we know so far, its to be based upon A Foe Resurgent, from the epic (mentioned by Vyvyanne on the forums, not in the livestream). As has been mentioned, Pinion said that there would be at least 5 bosses (and from player suggestions/what we saw in the solo version of the instance, I think we can assume that the four knights who formed Earnur's retinue (mentioned in the Archives of Minas Tirith by Gandalf during Book 4) will be four of these, with an end boss - possibly the Reaver of Khand, who features in said solo instance (although you sneak past him, rather than fighting him), and as mentioned above, given that Gothmog flees, it presumably won't be him.

On other topics, the art director mentioned that they were working on sprucing up the cinematics from the Pelennor Fields epic, the question of North Rhovanion (Gladden Fields, Mirkwood, Erebor and Dale etc.) was pushed aside for the moment, and is a post Mordor thing, if at all, and regarding classes, burgs are getting a bit of a boost for 18.1, and a bigger revamp somewhere in the future, while guards are getting a nerf of some sort in 18.1 too.

Most importantly though, they didn't actually confirm that they intended to renew the license in 2017 It would have been good if there had at least been confirmation that, if they were able to, Turbine would seek to continue LOTRO, and that Vyvyanne would want to continue the game past the end of the central Lord of the Rings Story (as we've only got a few more chapters of that left), and while it was mentioned that they were looking at the possibility of other things after Mordor, the fact that they wouldn't commit to at least wanting to go beyond that point was upsetting, despite the likely legal problems that they might face if they said they'd explicitly be renewing the license.

That evasion aside, I thought the stream overall was really good - Frelorn was on much better form than the occasional streams I've seen recently (although actually having interesting topics to talk about, and guests, must help!), and QuartermasterU was highly entertaining, and kept the energy up throughout. I'm also very grateful to all the devs that stopped by to chat on the stream - Arbor in particular was very candid and informative (and clearly loves the game!), but the content team (Pinion, DrOctothorpe, MadeofLions) and the systems team (Edgecase, and I can't remember the dev name for Erika?) were both very interesting too. And, while it was disappointing, it was good to see Vyvyanne truly spell out why the EU server promise fell through - that transparency is very much appreciated, and I hope the suggestion made, to give more regular updates on upcoming content, will be taken to heart and acted upon.

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