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Kazara created the topic: LOTRO Legendarium: Checking out LOTRO's housing improvements

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Are premium houses worth it?

Premium houses weren't really on my radar until recently, mostly because I was away from the game when they were added and I had some built-in prejudices against purchasing houses with real money. But when a kinmate pointed out that the low-end houses were relatively affordable (and I had the mithril coins to spare), I figured why not? And let me tell you, no buyer's remorse from me after this impulsive purchase!

First things first: Let's break down the price. As with the other housing neighborhoods, the Belfalas houses come in three varieties (stately, luxurious, and deluxe kinship). Stately homes can be purchased for as low as 145 mithril coins, which is 1,450 LOTRO points or roughly $22. Luxurious homes are much more expensive, clocking in between 422 and 493 mithril coins, while deluxe kinship homes can go as high as 894 mithril coins. Obviously, the use of mithril coins to buy these is a way to add a barrier between real money and the purchase and keep players a little in the dark as to how much money they're actually spending (which is one of the main purposes of such middleman currencies in MMOs).

Obviously, there's a lot of factors in play with the pricing, including the deal you get on LOTRO points if you're buying with cash, your region, and how many you earn from playing or your subscription. But I think it's safe to say that if you want to venture into the premium housing market, you're probably going to need to spend some real money, especially if you want the bigger and better house.

So the question becomes, is it worth it?

And the answer, as usual, is "it depends."

With the purchase of a premium house you actually get quite a lot, even if (like me) you go for the smaller home. You get an account-wide additional home and housing port that doesn't conflict with normal homes. The premium house comes with vastly more hooks, larger yards, and a different architecture style and layout (I have an upstairs!). You are also treated to oceanfront views and nearby services that include a vault, legendary item vendors, a housing vendor, and a flat 10% discount for all sales and purchases. You'll still have to hoof it to a town for an auction hall, but it's really nice to have a vault nearby on a housing port cooldown. Oh, and if you're a VIP (subscriber or lifetime subscriber), your upkeep is free. That's a nice little bonus.

For the record, I was pretty excited with the new home. My "small" home felt absolutely huge to me, with a foyer, an upstairs with two alcoves, a back hallway, two side rooms, and a large back kitchen. I threw every decoration I had at it and still ended up with empty hooks at the end. My only complaint is that I wish there were windows on the main floor, because it felt a little claustrophobic without them.

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