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10 months 3 weeks ago - 10 months 3 weeks ago #45367 by Kazara
Kazara created the topic: My Return to LotRO
After a few years of not playing (due to the awful Moria experience I had), I returned as VIP, dragging Hubby with me, despite my vows of never to return. I returned to the Brandywine server and saw my old characters, most over level 40 and 50. It then dawned on me how much time I had invested in the game when I saw that not only did I do a lot questing, but crafting as well. I noticed the new level cap is 105, which takes my old toons to near noob status.

The first thing I noticed is that the graphics have definitely aged. The UI doesn't allow much in custom placing inventory bars and other indicator bars. It didn't bother me much, but Hubby's screen was a mess and there was very little we could do to remedy it. We both created new characters, and then I was quickly reminded how limited character creation is. This also highlights the dated graphics again.

Hubby wasn't thrilled with the clunky feel of game movement and combat and wasn't a fan of the background music in the initial starter area. In fact, he has not returned the game in two weeks. I rolled another toon on another server just to enjoy game play until Hubby could bring himself to return to the game so we could play together.

I noticed know there is auto-loot with a loot catching bag. It is a nice feature, but noticed that there is a lot more garbage loot (although it could be traded for 'tasks') than item drops (weapons and armor). Also, the loot is on an hour timer once it is 'bagged', so a player needs to move what they want from the bag to regular inventory and or move all of it and sell it lest it goes *poof*. The currency wallet was a nice addition which spares inventory. The bank vault has also been well updated - - I wish it was that good back when I used to play.

Even after all these years, I remember the early quests since I had leveled so many alts. In fact, I remember all the early content just too clearly.....and that makes for stale game play. I know in detail what is coming no matter where I level a toon. This is why I will probably end up leaving by the end of my 30 day subscription VIP period.

I am sure this would be the same case in any MMO I spent time in and created many alts. I already knew I would never return to SWTOR, FXIV and AoC, but I now know that I will not revisit EQ2 and TSW. I have given up on SWGEmu for the most part - - broken economy and low population killed that game for me. I have GW2 still on my PC so I might pick up where I left off there. Maybe Hubby and I will pick up TESO just to play some new content together.

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10 months 2 weeks ago #45386 by Temploiter
Temploiter replied the topic: My Return to LotRO
I have always enjoyed Guild Wars 2 when I have returned to it. The story is good, the gameplay is really good. I've never once been enticed to buy something from the store.

Kaz, it might be time for you to roll up your sleeves and try the Juggernaut.

It's free til level 20. I can get you a 'Recruit a Friend' invite for a free mount or something as well.

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