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Kazara created the topic: Star Trek Online: Designing The Tzenkethi Starships

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Concept Design

We designed the Tzenkethi character models first, so when we designed the species’ space ships, we knew they had to continue the character of those distinctive designs. We chose a closed shape language and put extra emphasis in making them look like flying shells. They had to look “tanky” and blunt. Later, we decided to add graphic decorations so the ships would look more stylish and intelligent.

Hector Ortiz

Concept Artist

Systems Design

As with their ground forces, a fight with the Tzenkethi in space will become easier as you understand their tactics and capabilities further.

Something that you’ll come to realize early on is that a Tzenkethi ship is highly resilient, and the strength of their shields is tough to rival. However, no design is without its weakness. In order for the Tzenkethi to accommodate the strength of weaponry they desired, they needed to sacrifice their forward-facing shield power. In addition, this also meant that they needed to localize their weaponry to keep efficiency up. This resulted in their primary means of damage to be front-facing as well.

The Tzenkethi would not allow such a flaw with their weaponry setup to exist on its own. In response, they equipped all of their ships with familiar mobile capabilities to more than make up for the weapon loadout disparity.

The Tzenkethi know the strength of their fellow comrades. As a result, certain Tzenkethi ships are able to make Tzenkethi technology operate more efficiently when they are in close proximity to each other. Proceed with caution if you plan to employ bunching tactics against a group of Tzenkethi ships.

Higher rank Tzenkethi ships come equipped with long range protomatter-laced weaponry. While these weapons can’t lock on to a ship post-launch, they are extremely potent to the unaware target. As an additional benefit to the protomatter aspect of the weaponry and Tzenkethi technology, the explosions leave behind volatile radioactive clouds. These clouds are extremely dangerous to non-Tzenkethi ships. However, Tzenkethi have adapted their technology to reuse and draw in protomatter; this provides their ships with increased restorative properties and strengthened defensive capabilities.

In space, the Tzenkethi are formidable, and not without a few other tricks. We believe that the Star Trek Online community of captains will show adaptability and cleverness that even the Tzenkethi will not be ready for.

Matt Campbell

Systems Designer

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