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3 years 1 month ago #36530 by Temploiter
Temploiter created the topic: Paging @RaphKoster - SWG - Trailers/Demos Playlist

Some blasts from the past.

Why can't we have a game like this? The first time I saw my friend playing this I was MESMERIZED. I had never played an MMO before, but when I saw him running around the SW universe I was instantly transported back to my friend Todd's sandbox pretending it to be Tatooine and digging a pit for the Sarlacc to toss Luke into. Here was a game where I could 'live' in the Star Wars universe I imagined as a kid. I still get that feeling remembering it now.

Why can't we have this sandbox? Maybe Disney will see the possibility of having more than one SW-based MMO online at the same time. Is it an impossible dream to be able to have a virtual world in the original trilogy of Star Wars?

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