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1 year 3 months ago #39710 by Temploiter

Another one posted recently by Raph Koster. Hopefully his appetite is being whetted for another Worldy MMO.

This one is a very good read about the 'rise, fall, and return' of SWG. It goes into depth with some of the personalities behind the SWGemu project. A very good read.

[Doug Rush is] the quality assurance lead on the Star Wars Galaxies emulator project, or SWGEmu, a fan effort to revive one of the most ambitious massively multiplayer online games ever made.

It’s both a labor of love and an abstract, technical challenge. Among veterans of Star Wars Galaxies you hear a mixture of wonder and tragic sadness when they reflect on how great the game was—and how short was its time. Launched in mid-2003, it was developed during the early days of the MMO genre, when developers were freer to experiment with the potential of persistent, online game worlds filled with thousands of players. Galaxies stressed freedom of choice and was set among the sights and sounds of the Star Wars films.

-Making Friends and Influencing People

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1 year 3 months ago #39712 by Kazara
Another great read. SWG died 10 years ago, but SWG memories and the SWGEmu live on.

I stopped playing SWGEmu in July when all my vendors went *poof* while I was moving to Florida. I haven't bothered playing any other MMO since then - - most are shallow, linear, cash shop centric garbage these days. I was drawn to SWG at launch not because of the Star Wars IP, but because of the features the game offered. In fact Asheron's Call 2 just had an NGE moment at the time of SWG's launch. Up until then I was totally unaware of SWG. I ended up as a day 2 vet and was totally hooked with in minutes.

Sadly, I don't think we will ever see an MMORPG that compares to SWGs features and mechanics.

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