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1 year 8 months ago #41492 by Kazara
Kazara created the topic: Guild Wars 2: Raids are not 'Mandatory' to access content

Hey there. I’ve been seeing some comments regarding the story and lore in the Forsaken Thicket raid, and how that fits into Guild Wars 2. We appreciate your enthusiasm! Just wanted to clarify a few things:

It will not be necessary to play Forsaken Thicket—or any future raid—in order to complete Living World or expansion stories. Raids do not gate main story progress.

Raid stories can—and should—be thematically tied to Tyrian lore and enhance the game.

If any lore information from the raids is relevant to storylines in other content, we’ll make sure that information is also available in that other content.

Raids present story in a different manner than elsewhere in the game. They are not a replacement for Living World, expansion, or Personal Story.

Output from the raids team isn’t coming at the expense of other projects in development. Raids are made independently of Living World. We do communicate regularly with that team (and we share some resources and assets in both directions) but neither team prevents the other from doing its job.

The Forsaken Thicket story will conclude with the release of Stronghold of the Faithful on June 14.

Raids are not part of our Living World episodes; they are separate game elements.

More information regarding Living World Season 3 will be announced in the future. As always, content will be released when it is ready to ensure the optimal quality for our fans. Hang tight.

I hope this helps people understand things a bit better. Thanks!

Reminds me of FFXIV's dungeons that are mandatory to move the storyline forward. That was one of the biggest reasons I quit. I never made it far along enough in GW2 to even access 'mandatory' group content, if there was any.

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1 year 8 months ago #41496 by Temploiter
Temploiter replied the topic: Guild Wars 2: Raids are not 'Mandatory' to access content
There was only 1 part I recall as mandatory group content, but Pick-up Groups were abundant and it was easy to get done. Most of the big story things in GW2 are community-wide and you just show up with 100s of others and do the events. That's what I really liked about GW2.

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