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11 months 3 days ago #43886 by Kazara
Kazara created the topic: Guild Wars 2: Missing Content After Outage

I’m making this post and merging threads into it. All of the separate threads talk about missing something after today’s outage(s). Things you should know:

We’re working on the outage issue and apologize for the inconvenience
If you are missing items, gems, gold, achievements, titles — if you are missing virtually anything at all, it may very well reappear if you wait a little bit. Players have reported being concerned about missing items and then have edited their posts to say that the items (or achievements, titles, etc.) appeared a few minutes later.

One player expressed his opinion that it can take a while for the UI to catch up with the game content after an outage. He suggested waiting a bit before worrying about something that appears to be missing. I agree!

If you continue to have something missing after waiting at least an hour after uninterrupted game access, please contact Customer Support for assistance.

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