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1 year 1 month ago - 1 year 1 month ago #44463 by Kazara
Kazara created the topic: SWTOR: Merge servers into regions or free transfers
It appears that some of the remaining SWTOR servers are suffering from low populations again. There is a 15+ page thread discussing this on the O-board.

Bioware, enough is enough, the expansion has launched, there is no population stress on any server and there are really only two servers with viable populations in the US. Most servers are ghost towns and returning players or new players have rolled on them not knowing and are stuck on them.

We need two servers for the US and probably 1-2 in EU. Please merge the servers. Surely you can see from your data how many people are logged into the servers at different times of the day.

Harbinger is the only viable west coast server, so it should be used as the destination server for the west coast. I can't comment on east coast or EU as I don't play there.

Sure you offer "paid" transfers, but why should returning players, who I assume you want to keep, have to pay to transfer off dead servers. What if they have heaps of toons? It can be costly to transfer 10+ toons.

So if you aren't going to merge the servers, give people on those dead servers free transfers.
It's really bad customer service and a bad business model to make people pay. I'm sure you've already got enough from paid transfers and the remaining people won't pay or you've reach the critical turning point where less and less people are paying.
Even "if" you are getting some income from the transfers, the amount of people you are driving away from the game by making them pay or leaving them stuck on those servers will cause you to lose more money than you are probably making at the moment on paid transfers.
It really is a backwards business model. As an example "Get $1 for a transfer, lose $5 from a sub leaving".

So please merge servers into regions or free transfers
1 west coast server
1 east coast server
1-2 EU servers

**** FYI BIO, it needs to be per region because different global regions can't play on the east coast, ie APAC. Some other regions can't play on the west coast. DONT Make the mistake of making one mega server or you will lose even more players, repeat, no mega server, just regional servers ****

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