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9 months 1 week ago #45065 by Sikozye
Sikozye created the topic: Platinum-valued Lightsaber Available on the Cartel Market for SIXTY Dollars!
" Unstable Arbiter's Lightsaber for Direct Sale "

EricMusco wrote: Hey folks,

Later today we are going to be adding the first ever Platinum rarity item to the Cartel Market for direct sale, the Unstable Arbiter’s Lightsaber. The single-handed saber is going to be on sale from today, Tuesday 3/7 through next Tuesday 3/14 at the price of 7,600 Cartel Coins.

Before the item is posted we wanted to let you about why we are offering a Platinum item at all and the rationale for its price.

Why put up a platinum item for direct sale?
Since the introduction of Cartel Market packs we have had requests to allow more items, especially our rarest items, to be bought directly with Cartel Coins. The desire is to pay for the item and avoid the random nature of Cartel packs. For some time now, we have been direct selling more Cartel pack items and our data shows it’s a popular method of acquiring specific items from the Cartel Market. Yet, we have been cautious of doing this with Platinum items, as these items are intended to be exceptionally rare and we need to ensure we do not cause them to be undervalued, especially for players who got them from packs.

Why the price of 7,600 Cartel Coins?
It’s a lot of Cartel Coins, but this sale is directed at those players who have the resources to acquire the item. The price is set higher than current Hypercrates and previous Gold rarity items to help maintain the rarity of the Unstable Saber. We may discover that direct selling Platinum items erodes their value, and that will have an impact on how we handle these sales in the future. Basically, this is a test and we wanted you to be aware of what we are doing and why.

The net result for us is we want to see if this is something our players have interest in. While ensuring it doesn’t undermine the value for players who already have one and see how receptive everyone will be to us continuing to rotate other Platinum items into the Cartel Market in the future. More than likely, we would not direct sale Platinum items until they’ve been unavailable from Cartel Packs for a number of months. This will also help maintain their rarity for a fairly long time.

Thanks everyone.


Cartel Market sales and subscriptions must be plummeting HARD for them to consider this. Sure, a lot of players have suggested they offer super-rare quality items direct for purchase, but considering where the game stands now you have to wonder how their precious cash shop must be doing profit-wise for them to consider direct-for-purchase than total RNG.

Tbh part of me is definitely ok with this. I can't wait to see all of the tears from the Auction House and Cartel Market whales who control the market and special snowflakes. I hope to see this be done more often to give more poorer players in-game a chance to actually own and/or sell some of these items. The SWTOR economy has been suffering quite the inflation for about a year more or less due to past exploits and credits made from them not being drained efficiently or quickly.

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9 months 1 week ago #45071 by Kazara
Kazara replied the topic: Platinum-valued Lightsaber Available on the Cartel Market for SIXTY Dollars!
I occasionally visit the SWTOR O-board and there is definitely a concern with lower player populations and subscribers. This is of no many times can a sane gamer play through the same content over and over and over again? It is also of no surprise that the game economy is hinged on the cash shop. There are players that admittedly buy hyper crates of these lottery loot cards then flood the market with the packs or the items they do not want from opened crates.

There will be the fanbois that will happily spend $60 for a 'platinum' valued light saber. They deserve to be parted with their (or their parents') money. The massive intrusion of the cash shop into SWTOR is a one of the major reasons I left the game and will NEVER return.

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