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2 years 5 months ago - 2 years 5 months ago #38495 by Kazara
Kazara created the topic: SWG:ANH - Feb/March Development Objectives (75% Complete)

For the remainder of February and the whole of march (and some of April) I set the small but I believe achievable goal for setting up, running and inviting players to log in to an unofficial test centre with a secondary objective of uploading the work done so far so others would have a greater chance of building the ANH server and running it on their private server.

Disclaimer: I am not a DEV, there are parts of coding I do not understand, I am a novice at best, I honestly don't know what I'm doing.

So in the last update I told you I'd managed to build the core projects and eventually all the servers build and as far as I can tell they started up and ran :) sadly I was unable to enter the zone or get onto the server in anyway,
undeterred form thins I started to update the code to newer revisions, (hoping that my this would resolve the issue's) this didn't go well. every time I updated the code new and more un-Google-able (is that a word) errors came to light. with time rushing by I have taken the code back to the last buildable revision, (at least it builds right!
Part two of phase two is to get an 'unofficial' github up and running as I have not admin rights to the official one (rightly so for now as stated I'm not a dev) but I'm man enough to know I need some help on this so what better way than to share what I have,

the unofficial hub can be found here
I'm currently uploading deps and adding links and how to's .

what's next. for the rest of April and May, I'll keep working on this code until you can zone\log in (hopping this is a DB issue) if you feel you have what it take to help out please do PM me :)

keeping the faith

Ps. I'm sorry this blog is late its been I've been very busy with real life and such.

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