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6 months 5 days ago #45231 by Kazara
Kazara created the topic: Trump Supporters Take Over L.A. Board of Supervisors Meeting
Well worth viewing! California government is so obviously biased and corrupt.

Trump supporters take over Los Angeles Board of Supervisors Meeting on immigration, illegal aliens, and Sanctuary City status.

"im on full disability i heard they get more a month than i do i worked all my life and earned it vets on streets it sucks put them on a piece of drift wood fuck them"

"i really feel sorry for american citizens. this shouldn't be happening. without fake ID's and without the idiots holding the power in california, trump would have won."

"The moderator is absurd. It's not how long you talk, it whether or not you say what they want to hear."

"Trump has exposed the problems of this country. Thankfully, he pushed against the PC police and said the things many felt. And you see the people waking up and speaking out. These corrupt politicians just want their new voting block no matter how detrimental it is to the society."

"Why are they even having this conversation any representative going with illegal aliens should be arrested and removed from office constitution is clear in playing the Constitution does not apply to any citizen that is not a US citizen"

Racist: [rey-sist] noun; 1. Someone who wins an argument against a Liberal. 2. Anyone who doesn't completely share Liberal ideology.

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