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6 months 4 days ago #45573 by Kazara
Kazara created the topic: CNN Rebuttal: Yes, Deport Criminals | Louder With Crowder

ICE is deporting Criminal Illegal Immigrants using ICE Air. CNN shamelessly turns it into a sob story. A thorough rebuttal follows.

"I'm from colombia i came here legally I love this country more them one i born i became American citizen 5 years ego i voted for mister trump i don't want this country became like the one i left"

"So I like the video and get nailed by a Youtube warning asking me to think twice before sharing. HAHAHAHA. Thanks Youtube, I'll share twice as much now. Cheers"

"You came into the US illegally, drove drunk, could have killed someone, and you want me to feel bad for you? Nope."

"Deport all illegal immigrants and get rid of Sanctuary Cities. I don't feel bad for illegal immigrants because they know the risk, they're not America's problem. There's nothing to feel bad about, they're criminals because they trespassed the border illegally. You must come here legally, no excuse. There are laws for a reason, America is a land of laws, almost all countries has immigration laws, America is no different."

"One more reason why Democrats are losing...and they'll continue losing. They no longer lookout for taxpaying Americans. They side with illegals who come into this country, illegally...and continue to commit crimes and financially drain our system. The Mexican government is having none of this in their why should we allow it?"

Racist: [rey-sist] noun; 1. Someone who wins an argument against a Liberal. 2. Anyone who doesn't completely share Liberal ideology.

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