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2 months 5 days ago #46674 by Kazara
Kazara created the topic: YouTube Censored Me AGAIN - Deleted My Video - And You Won't Believe Which O
YouTube Censored Me AGAIN ? - Deleted My Video - And You Won't Believe Which One!

UPDATE: YouTube just restored the video! The squeaky wheel gets the grease! Thanks for having my back guys. No time to relax though, because this is just the beginning of their Orwellian agenda to silence us! Here it is if you haven't seen it:

I LISTEN TO MANY CHANNELS LIKE THIS; ONE IS CALLED "The Doctor Of Common Sense" by a black man who speaks the truth and sides with conservatives. I believe his name is ET Williams. When I clicked on this channel, one of my favorites, it was canceled, shut down for "violating YouTube's "FUCKED UP, BIASED" COMMUNITY GUIDELINES! "It stated this channel has been 'terminated' for violating YouTube's community guidelines." I AM ENRAGED. YOUTUBE KNOWS CONSERVATIVES USE THIS MEDIUM AND IS SHUTTING THEM DOWN LIKE JACK-BOOTED, CENSORING, FASCIST THUGS - WHICH THEY ARE! I recommend registering complaints, as I did. Soon, they will shut down every conservative blogger!"

"The political left don't stand a chance in a fair fight so they do anything to try keeping their mentally enslaved morons of the left."

"So let me see, if your views are from the liberal left then it's perfectly fine to spew all the profanity laden hate you want right...... Each and everyday the left becomes the one thing they claim to hate the most, NAZI'S. They are trying to block any speech that doesn't fit into there little narrative, and if that doesn't work they then resort to violence, huh...sounds like the 1930's brown shirted thugs too me. The next thing will be book burnings, at the rate the liberal left is progressing it will not be long before big bon fires appear with books being tossed in circa 1933, hypocrites!!!"

"Deleting/shutting down opposing opinion is straight up Nazi shit!! I wonder how much it would cost to start a new site called, "Our Tube", where freedom of speech is 100% guaranteed. After doing so, how long would it take to put You tube out of business? I imagine not long when half the users of you tube are middle to right leaning! Sure all the advertisers would be thrilled about losing half their viewers!!"

And the Deep State whispered to Trump “You can’t withstand the storm”, to which Trump replied
“I am the storm”

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