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6 years 7 months ago #10373 by kefkah
kefkah created the topic: The Foundations of
You all pretty much know the history so I will skip the text book and go straight to the morale of the story.

The Fringe is an experiment in minimal forum moderation. For those just joining us, moderation became not a tool on our prior sites but rather a weapon to enforce bias and in some cases, further agendas.

Anyone can tell you that there is a flip side to this experiment. Anyone here can give you recent examples. As with all matters concerning human beings, rules are put in place for the moments and choices that go past the norms of society and infringe upon the rights (no matter what country) of another individual.

Funny thing is the the Fringe actually was founded on two principles. The minimal moderation is the one everyone remembers for various reasons even our detractors. The other one is the actually the stronger of the two but yet is the most forgotten. The Fringe's other founding principle is respect for each other. Here, you can chew and claw your way through an argument with other posters BUT there is a line there. When it becomes personal, respect is thrown out of the window.

I don't expect people to love one another here. Nor kiss one another's arse. But I do expect that everyone keep in mind, these conversations are about a hobby, about games about companies... not about each other as a person. If a debate gets to that point, the point of minimal moderation is that we rely on YOU the poster to realize that it is going farther than it should and to take appropriate measures. If one or both members cannot do so, Kaz or Wildcat not only are authorized to step in, it is expected of them by me.

Much like anything that flies in the face of the status quo, we have our fair share of lurkers who wait for these moments and report them elsewhere, reveling in our setbacks. Just yesterday, I was emptying out my gmail and found screenshots of other sites mocking our endeavor and that was just year one. They were betting that we would implode.

We didn't and why? Because I believe that at the end of the day, we still respect each other as fellow gamers and humans. If we didn't, we wouldn't be here. This site isn't held together by any one person. It isn't my site. It never was. It was our site. It still is ours. And until someone can point out to me the exception in the definition of OUR, the one that excludes a person because of their game choices, publisher choices or even position here - then OUR means all of you.

And by that, if you believe in the OUR, then you too have to believe in the respect that is entitled to the other members who comprise that word and populate this site.

I don't expect much. Just respect, leave the personal attacks at the door, respect the mods (who don't get paid btw) and respect yourself as well because here, you are given a full stage. There are no curtains, smoke or mirrors. You show only what you bring with you. And to me, if you bring respect - you have already earned your right to call yourself a Fringer.


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6 years 7 months ago #10376 by Wildcat84
Wildcat84 replied the topic: Re: The Foundations of
Amen. Well said.

There is nothing wrong with heated debate, or disagreement, so long as your attacks are directed against the POINT, not the POSTER. There is a big difference. Don't be needlessly offensive and don't be easily offended.

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4 years 5 months ago #32655 by Kazara
Kazara replied the topic: The Foundations of
I found this an informative response pyramid via -

And the Deep State whispered to Trump “You can’t withstand the storm”, to which Trump replied
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