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Exile created the topic: The Code
As a general rule, content material will not be policed or moderated.

Content material is hereby defined as user posted material either on the forums or the site that reflects an opinion, speculation, disclosure, assessment, report, etc. that thoroughly focuses on and provides a direct or indirect insight related to the topic, section or category in which it is being discussed - (understanding that Section 8 serves to discuss topics outside that of MMO Games, Suske's Corner, and those pertaining to the Site).

For user posted material other than content material, and/or when in the Solitary Confinement or Shoutbox, breach of the following will force moderation action:

- The posting of private and/or sensitive information on another person such as phone numbers, addresses and the like.

- The posting of links or files that are not legal in the United States.

- Continuous spamming on the boards in attempt to clutter them and render them not usable.

- Violation of the Fringe's Terms of Agreement .

- Action that would result in a vote by the community as to it being a punishable offense.

- Antagonizing, provoking or baiting members of the community; fomenting community unrest, drama; or simply, trolling, in all its possible meanings.

- Advertising.

Failure to observe these rules may result in the topic being edited, removed or locked at the discretion of the moderator or administrator of MMOFringe; or the user's offense brought to the Rehabilitation Center to discuss an action on his or her account.

Affected users have the option to contact one of the Administrators to appeal.
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