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Kazara created the topic: Rift: Expansion On the Way!
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Here are some bullet points of what we know on the order in which they were talked about:

Companions will play a bigger role. They’ll have abilities and you can level them up. These are the pet companions, too, not the pets that classes get. Think something similar to the Pet Battles in WoW? Though from the hints they were dropping I think they want the companions to be a bit more meaning than just Pokemon.
Item advancement. We can expect a much more customized weapon/armor upgrade system in that you’ll have many more choices to upgrade/advance your armor to tailor to your play style.
3.0 Will be the plane of Water. This doesn’t mean underwater swimming all of the time. They plan to use all aspects of their Lore in regards to Water (like dream worlds, madness, etc). There will be underwater zones, frozen zones, etc. They did not announce how many zones we will see.
New Souls: Support Cleric (true support like Bard, Archon, BM, etc). Healing Warrior, Tanking Mage, Healing Rogue (true healing, not bard, or not tact, true 100% healing).
Expect more interaction and meaning inside of Dimensions. Vague hint to player made dungeons, maybe?

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