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Kazara created the topic: Rift 3.0 to bring Level Cap Increase, PvP Dimensions, Pet Wars
Snippet -

Simon confirmed that we’ll be getting 5 new levels in RIFT 3.0 during the interview, bringing up our level cap to 65. He also emphasized that fact that Trion is calling 3.0 an expansion, but it will most likely be a downloadable-only expansion and it will be free to all players except for the new souls, which will be sold via the RIFT Store.

Daglar touched on the subject of leveling progression in 3.0 in a recent forum thread. In his reply, he said, “There will be progression, but we are also looking at ways to make sure that the rest of the world remains more relevant, and that new things are added to old content to keep folks busy.” It sounds like we’ll be getting new new content to explore on Mathosia as well as the Plane of Water.

Access the full article here.

It looks like Trion is going to be utilizing more of the cash shop to gate/access some content features - - even for the paying subscribers.

Companion "Pet battles" ala WoW are coming too (4:46) in Rift 3.0. I am wondering how much of this system will be cash shop driven. :blink:

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