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1 year 11 months ago - 1 year 11 months ago #40018 by Kazara
Kazara created the topic: Rift: Expansion Gear Upgrades via Cash Shop Only
What was once offered via the expansion gear grind is now only available through the cash shop. It wasn't clear to me if you do not complete the expansion grind that you can still get the earring slot unlocks via the cash shop.

Adventuring in the Plane of Water is no simple matter; gear to the max if you want to survive. Until January 27th, you can unlock Planewalker: Water and Earring Slots with Voidstones!

Certain gear is restricted to the most accomplished of adventurers; those who have battled through numerous challenges and earned the right to wear it. In order to derive strength from coveted mystical earrings and powerful gear limited to those who have faced the most strenuous encounters in the Plane of Water, for a limited time remaining you can spend a hoard of Voidstones to unlock these special abilities.

Starting with the update on January 27th, Earring Slot unlocks and Planewalker: Water will be offered as individual purchases for Credits on the marketplace. You can still unlock them through gameplay by using your in-game currency to purchase REX from the Auction House!

You can also invest your Voidstones in the Bag of Innumerable Pockets and Crafter’s Energy Infusion before the 27th – don’t miss this final opportunity!

Don’t delay – trade your Voidstones for these cool items today!

Only two days notice was given. Trion has really joined the ranks of EA/Bioware (SWTOR).

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1 year 11 months ago #40029 by Kazara
Kazara replied the topic: Rift: Expansion Gear Upgrades via Cash Shop Only
Trion responds:

I'd like to share a few things with everyone here.

Trion employees all play these games too, as well as playing many other games made by different companies. We have the added benefit of working for the game company and therefore knowing exactly what it takes to keep a game thriving and in development, rather than barely existing. The numbers I do give below are official, and generally common knowledge in game dev. I cannot release detailed financials of course.

It's not going to spectacular wages or money hats - it's pretty common knowledge that the game industry does not pay as well as others - a side benefit is that this ensures that those who work on games are here because of passion and creative drive, not greed.

Rift is not dying, not by a long shot. What is happening now is a shift in how we ask for support to keep the game healthy and moving in the right direction.
I am sure you're all familiar with Patreon , a method by which a group of people can help support a worthy visual artist, steamer, athlete, musician or other form of entertainment.

It's the same principle that goes into our Patron programs across our games - the name is not a coincidence - Patrons support our games every single month. This means that small portion of the player base effectively supports the Developers who create this game, and keep it viable for the incredibly robust free-to-play enjoyment of others.

In general, across GOOD free-to-play games, only 7-15% of players pay anything at all. Ever. The truth is that the more you give away for free, the harder it is to keep a great game in development.

This is why the Rift team spent a great deal of time working on what was fair and reasonable to ask of our supporters, while making sure we maintained the revenue that we need to be awesome.

Clearly, $15 Patron status for an entire month of entertainment is already a way better return on the dollar than a dinner out, a movie or many other forms of recreation. If you play only 10 hours in that month, that's $1.50 an hour.

Patron also grants players access to all manner of bonuses and perks, with optional purchases for items and options outside of regular gameplay (don't forget that marketplace purchases are also 10% off for Patrons). Seriously, check it out:

However, as much as we love these folks. Patrons are a small segment of our playing audience and cannot fully support our cost of doing business alone, nor should they. That is why we also offer items in the Marketplace, downloadable packs and some in-game unlocks. A lot of people also support us through these one-off purchases.

Cosmetic items are not the answer either, although they do help. Only 5-10% of players buy cosmetic items, ever. No game company can stay in business based on cosmetics alone, although we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of options.

Downloadable content also provides solid revenue, and we have to keep the prices reasonable in order for people to keep investing in them. Believe me, we're just like everyone else and definitely analyze the value proposition before clicking on the buy button, be it on Amazon or an online game.

As audiences want full price content for free and only 7-15% of the audience ever supports the business with cash, we have to change some of the offerings we have, and find ways of asking people to contribute a little more for reasonable items or features in order to help improve the game for everyone from Patrons to totally free players.

Given that people (understandably) want as much as possible for free (hey, it's in our nature), we have to ensure that we spread the load on how folks are asked to support the ongoing success of games like Rift, Trove, ArcheAge, Devilian, Defiance and soon, Atlas Reactor.
It's not a choice based on greed. It's a choice based on the reality of running a business, ANY business, be it retail, service or even non-profit venture.

We're working hard to avoid cutting into the core player experience when we make these changes. Free players are clearly an important part of our social environ and community content. If they've maxed out their inventory with all the cool stuff in game, we offer them additional bags, bag and bank slots. Is it unreasonable to ask for a buy-in at that point? And if they make it to the Plane of Water, the super-high-end content... then they've enjoyed a TON of free content already. Paying for access to high end gear unlocks such as the earrings seems a pretty reasonable ask.

I am going to acknowledge that I wish we could have rolled these changes in more slowly, because giving our fellow players time to think about it and consider the value proposition is always smart. However, the changes will come; we're going to continue to bring these adjustments in a few at a time, and paying close attention to community reaction and comments.

Those who point out that players can leave any time they feel they are not getting good value for their monetary investment are quite right. That is absolutely fair, and it falls to us on the development side to make sure we provide excellent value. Worth your time, worth your monetary support.

To that end, we recently introduced the Affinity login rewards, which rewards all Patrons for simply logging in. I am saving up for the awesome levitation lights thingy, personally.

REX continues to provide a means whereby players can equalize their resources. For people like me (soooo little time to play but I have a job, which is why I have sooooo little time to play), buying a REX and selling it for game currency allows me to get cool stuff that I don't otherwise have the plat for. For people who have tons of time on their hands but not much spending cash, they can gather coins over time and use them to buy REX for credits and loyalty points. Prices fluctuate over time, and it's kind of interesting to see whether time or money is in the lead on any given day.

To our Patrons and folks who buy even occasional stuff in RIFT, THANK YOU for your ongoing support of development - it benefits everyone who plays.

If there's something you'd like to see us offer as a reasonable, value-oriented way to support Rift, by all means, suggest it! I make suggestions all the time (such as adding purchaseable beards for female Dwarves - currently quashed at every turn, I might add!), and so should we all who play.

Obviously we are going to see a lot of perspectives and viewpoints on this thread, and that's great - just remember that nothing is written in stone as a game evolves. We have solid data tracking to help support the effects of our changes, and how they affect the playerbase in terms of numbers and activities.

We're here, we're reading, we're making notes, we're making reports, discussing your issues and concerns and constantly analyzing the game data and business costs.

We're all in this together!

Yer auld Dwarf,

I see Trion hired an $OE cast off. :P

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1 year 11 months ago #40035 by MMO_Doubter
MMO_Doubter replied the topic: Rift: Expansion Gear Upgrades via Cash Shop Only
Just standard MMO marketing bullshit.

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