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Kazara created the topic: Rift: Patron rewards get even BETTER!

Patron rewards get even BETTER!

Being a Patron already helps you level faster, travel quicker, discounts store items, as well as awarding extra loot and Affinity points every single day that you log in.

Remember that you can become a Patron and still remain a Free Player. You can earn in-game currency to purchase REX from the Auction House and gain Patron status - we want everyone to have the same gameplay benefits!

With the upcoming hotfix on February 10, 2016, we’ve got two brand new bonuses for our Patrons:

Immunity to Soul Vitality Loss
The feature daredevils everywhere have been waiting for! The ability to take even more risks without losing a single ounce of vitality!

50% reduced Auction House fees and commissions
Sell your hard-earned items and harvestables on the Auction House, for more profit than ever before!

In addition to these new bonuses, the following convenience perks are now exclusive to our Patrons:
- stacking charges for Dungeons, Warfonts, and Instant Adventures
- accumulating rest experience
- queuing for specific Warfronts and Dungeons

There has never been a better time to step up to Patron status!
It's the best experience in Telara, and it's getting even better.
Sign up today!

Hello all,

We wanted to go into more depth on the change in balance between benefits for Patrons and Free Players, to give you more insight into the reasoning behind these changes.

In addition to enhancing Patron status, these changes are designed to enhance the development revenues of the game as a whole, supporting the game we all love. We are fully committed to the long-term health of RIFT, and exploring options such as these that will keep Telara evolving over time.

The changes outlined today may also provide an additional benefit; we anticipate that they create more opportunities for playing together for all players. For instance, instead of spending all their charges on a single day of the week, a non-Patron will need to log in each day to get the benefits of their charges. This increases the average number of people participating in any given activity every day of the week, meaning shorter queue times and more people to play with. Similarly, by placing more people in random queues, queue times as a whole will shorten as the system has more players to work with in order to make appropriate teams.

Remember, you can play free and also maintain Patron status via REX in game. We want to be sure that we offer equal opportunity for all of our valued Ascendants in Telara.

Why now?
The beginning of a new year is an excellent time to review all the benefits provided in game for our loyal Patrons, as well as our overall development strategy.
What should we offer to Patrons? How is the game being played today, how are our development revenues doing, and what have we learned over the last year to make RIFT better for all players?

Rest XP, stacking charges, and the system for queuing for Warfronts and Dungeons are all things that have existed since RIFT was a subscription game. These were untouched when we converted to Free to Play. When any company takes the monumental step of converting a game to Free to Play, they make your best guess at what benefits should be provided for Patrons and non-Patrons, and then adjust over time as you review behavior and data.

Ultimately, all three of these systems fall under the category of convenience.
- Rest XP gives you a boost in leveling speed.
- Stacking Dungeon, Warfront and Instant Adventure charges allow you to delay using them until you're good and ready.
- The ability to choose specific queues for Warfronts and Dungeons allows you to pick the exact content you want to do, when you want to do it.

These are of course beneficial and convenient, but not necessary in order to play RIFT. Therefore, they are the sort of thing we believe should be reserved for Patrons. When we reviewed RIFT as a whole this year, we identified this as an area we had overlooked previously.
On a side note, any non-patron can group with a Patron friend, who can then select specific queues for the group. In this way, a Patron provides benefits to those around them.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments about these changes.
We’re always here and listening to your feedback.

The RIFT Team

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