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Kazara created the topic: Interview with RIFT Game Developer Tacitus

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Starfall Prophecy is underway in RIFT and today I am delighted to post a special interview with Chris “Tacitus” Cates, Senior Game Designer at Trion about dimensions, crafting, and minions.
Hi Tacitus, will you share a little information and history about your position as a game developer for RIFT?

I have been been at Trion for over 7 years now. I originally worked on the zones of Gloamwood, Iron Pine, and Scarwood Reach prior to launch. Post-launch, I touched a lot of areas, including world events and Instant Adventure. About 8 months ago, I shifted positions to join the systems design team full time.

I have worked in the video game industry for almost 22 years. Prior to Trion, I worked at companies such as Factor 5, 3DO, SSI, and Sega.
There were some revisions to Crafting Professions can you tell us about the primary changes and what your goal for crafting is with Starfall Prophecy?

The primary goal was to get rid of some of the bloat, systems that did not serve a good purpose.

Phasing out most Salvaging was part of that – these were materials, crafting economy, and ultimately a system that spent more time trying to justify itself rather than serve a desired end. What I mean, is that salvaging was added way early on, it did not have a clear goal for what purpose it served. So we kept creating a purpose for it – in Storm Legion it was augments, in Nightmare Tide it was Amenders. Rather than try yet again to justify its existence, we opted this time to remove it.

Another aspect of removing some of the tedium was the need to upgrade everything all the time with a half dozen tiers of Amenders. It was just overkill. Amenders are still part of the game, but greatly scaled back.

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