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2 months 2 days ago #44928 by Kazara
Kazara created the topic: RIFT Patch 4.1 Hundreds of New Dimension Items!

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Hello Dimensioneers! Just around the corner is a new content update for RIFT, Patch 4.1 Forged In Flame is scheduled to release on March 29, 2017. Developer Tacitus has been sharing bits of information here and there with the Dimension Skype channel about what new items Dimensioneers can look forward to with this update. I’ve gathered some of that information, had a look at loads of items on the PTS, and I am happy to report that this is a really large update for Dimensions with hundreds of new items! I’ll get right to point and share what I’ve learned with you.

Please note any of this information could possibly change as it’s in the testing stages right now and there is always that possibility somethings may not make it into the live version of the game.
Dimension Keys

The Volcanic Playground and Wyrd Hut will be craftable through a new Planar Crafting source. The Fortress of Apocalypse will be obtainable with Affinity points and Saint Taranis will be available during this years Carnival of the Ascended world event that begins on March 30th. Each of these new dimension keys are 2,520 item limits and have been added to the keys guide if you are interested in looking at more pictures.

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