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6 years 5 months ago - 6 years 3 months ago #16296 by Kazara
Kazara created the topic: DCUO: Compilation of Bugs

EDIT Update: Here is a list of possible fixes for common bugs...

Thanks to toona! There is no wonder why DCUO is the fail MMO of 2011.

Taking a list from the other, to many threads, and compiling them into this one so the devs have one place to look instead of so many others. Please feel free to add to this. I will update asap as they come in.

League Chat is down-Seems to be up once again.*see below league tags* Chat is down again for everyone -This is being looked into. A fix for this maybe live before the hot fix hits.

Changing weapon style no longer works with the preview box! It now just twitches the character!

We have feats for all four new armor sets, yet we can only equip 2 of them!

Oan alert is listed in the journal, yet the DLC is not yet available.

Respawn in legends: Hitting warp to rally no longer brings you directly there. It now has a delay. When respawned inside the rally, it now spawns you in random locations versus the middle.

Ice armor now toggles you out of movement mode going in and out!

League tags are disappearing from different players. Even when they are still in the league. They can still access league options but can not utilize league chat. *logging out and back in fixes the issue only with being able to use league chat. Tag is still missing*

Outer Caverns HMA: DP-5 will follow a player near a wall that has boxes aligned on it. From here DP-5 will stop moving and reset.

Outer Caverns HMA: lockout doesn't work. Able to run it multiple times and got full credit for everything. Loot also is not locked out from being collected.

Outer Caverns HMA: During the RCP fight, the flash bombs do not register as hits. Being reported as being attempted multiple times without success.

Ace Chemicals HMA: Treasure chest is no longer targetable or attackable. The door leading to this chest also does not open.

Area 51: A lock out icon appears on both versions when you complete one of the two.

Fortress of Solitude raid: Last boss door does not reopen after the boss is completed to allow for further exploration of the instance for Briefings and Investigations.

Fortress of Solitude Raid Loot: prismatic Blasters that have the Crystal Blaster style, when equipped, they take the form of your previous weapon. Also does not show in the style selection window when attempting to switch them.

Fortress of Solitude Raid Boss: Brood mother no matter how many times we hit her with the crystals the shield would'nt drop.

Mission: Battle of the Fortress does not complete once activated, tracked and entrance has been made at the teleporter.

Mission related feat: "Fire Sale" (the magic only Madame Xanadu's shop) - While the feat is completable, some of the shelves are not on fire making it very difficult to figure out which ones needs to be extinguished.

Missions related to feat: Chinatown Cafe entrance is no longer visible on the map. This does not allow for players to achieve the hard knocks feats and any other related to the instance.

Mission: Players are noticing after the respec their weapon choice, they no longer can close out a completed mission that allows them to select a reward choice. The choices are not able to be highlighted and seem to be the same weapon styles. -Fix for this is coming out shortly.

Mission: After beating Eclipso in the Spectre mission, there is no loot drop. This has been completed multiple times and it seems to be consistant.

Challenge Mission: Catwoman instance, when you run through the area with the toxic gas, you fall through the pipes, it's completeable, but it does exist.

Challenge Mission: Dr. Pyscho/Supergirl mission does not complete. The mission updates instructing players to leave. Once outside, it instructs them to enter the instance. Currently, this challenge is not able to be completed. -seems to be a random bug on the villain side.

Possible delay (non-lag) in 2 versus 2 Bat Cave legends matches. Seems that animations, and what is being seen is about 3 seconds behind what actually is registered by the server. Also, noticing the point timer jumping at about 15-20 points at once as opposed to the 5 it should be.

Game Launcher: While in the options tab of the game launcher, using the settings tool provides an error code of 1003. This has been confirmed on at least 3 computers within at least 2 different locations.

Superspeed: Players are noticing that they randomly get stopped in the middle of super speeding across a terrain. It's happened to mainly in pvp. Just stops out of nowhere and have to toggle again.

Supersonic flight: Stops from time to time if party members engage in combat. Stops mid-air.

Flight: Using auto flight does not cease as it should when a cut scene begins. Movement continues through the scene and after the scene as completed. This should have been corrected with the 8/1 patch. As notes explain: Moving while going into a motion comic should no longer cause the player to be stuck in auto-run when movie ends.

Acrobatics: Cease in mid-air while using RAC. This takes place at random and reported by a few people while seen by more.

Breakout is doing strange things, or not working at all half the time. I'll have power, I'll spam breakout and hear the low-power sound but can't break out unless I use a trinket. When certain enemies hit for a big stun, I'll just stand there dizzy for a full minute before the effect wears off. I can't break out, I can't move, I can't do anything. Is this intentional?

Some are reporting that the Gadgeteer Helmet is still missing a piece of the animation on the right side of the helmet along the jaw line.

Kryptonian Medico chest piece, on the male characters, is still bugged. It does not shows at all while in preview window.

Weapon: 2H Crystal Broadsword DPS, clips your arm in an odd angle.

Weapon:Tech Enhanced Longbow does not fire arrows in the correct direction with trick shots. Looks to be off by 90 degrees

Weapon: No new raid weapon for controller is on the vendor for the Bow weapon type.

Acrobatics Zip line constantly studders its activation while carrying an item.

Arkham Asylum collections seem not to be spawning at all now.

Chat:Tell's seem to be broken for some players. Seems even via F4, this is not working.

End of instance Score Card: The Power out and Healing are are being shown as the number of secures instead of the actual numbers related to the category it should be. Pressing Y to bring up a refreshed card corrects this. Issue is with the auto score card at the end of the instance.

Inventory: Icons are not showing up as they should and outlined within the patch notes. Some are still seeing only blank spaces where the items should be while others are seeing incorrect icons. Work around at the moment is closing and re-opening the inventory screen itself.

DUO Gotham Subway: During the Penguin fight, it seems he is still resetting when players attempt to utlize the barrel at the bottom right of the stairs. Penguin was at the bottom of the stairs when he reset shortly after the players went to the healing barrel. *Could be that the placement is making Penguin lose line of sight therefor causing him to reset. If possible, perhaps a new spot for the barrel to be moved to? (This was also seen in the challenge mission version where Penguin would reset coming down the right side of the stairs when attempting to use the same barrel.)

DUO Omac Base: Players are finding themselves getting stuck in the floor of the first boss fight. Relogging does not correct the issue nor does using the warp features. Relogging also places the players in the same stuck spot as well as not restoring their power or health.

DUO Omac Base: Players are able to run through a closed door after being locked out where the turrets help you fend off the waves of Omac's.

DUO Omac Base:Feat called An Eye for Survival is not completing.

Healer: Circle of Protection is not showing the correct graphics of green or blue flames while in any raid.

Legends: Two face is still able to drop multiple barrels and have all damage applied from all barrels dropped. As according to update 3 notes this should not be taking place. Update notes state: The damage from multiple barrels will no longer stack. This means you will only receive damage from one damage over time from fields left by Acid or Fire Barrel and likewise only receive damage from a single explosion in the case of a multi-barrel explosion.

Inner Sanctum Raid: ARC is not properly consuming the arrester drones. This creates a non-defeatable ARC as it can not advance to the next part of the phase.

Inner Sanctum Raid: The Drones in the Brother Eye fight do not despawn while Brother Eye is in spin mode.

Inner Sanctum Raid: Zeta Drone seems to be spawning repair drones faster then before. Not sure if this was intended or a bug. Also seem that Zeta Drone becomes untargetable when his health is at a minimum.

Gorilla Form block break is uninterruptable.

Game Window: This is still reading as being Test Server when it is the Live one.

Invisibilty: Players have noticed, before and still after the update, where team mates will go invisible. At times, some know how to "trigger" this and go invisible at will. (This has also been seen in the Omac Duo. Takes place when a team member is knocked out)

League removal: When a player chooses to leave a league, the previous league tag remains. Inviting the player to a new league does not change the tag either.

Motion Comics: These end of instance scenes, seem not to be re-playable after the instance is over. They are still listed however, they are unclickable/unresponsive.

Arkham Asylum HMA: Door to the last boss fight seems to bug. Poison Ivy starts to attack early causing the door to lock team mates out.

Inner Sanctum Raid: Issues seen tonight with the first computer being destroyed to fast of which is causing zero mobs from being absorbed and Batman from activating the other computers. NPC's continue to spawn in masses during this. At best, only 2 computers became active causing the raid not to be completable.

Foretress of Solitude Raid: Cut scene involving Scorpaind, with Lex and Superman has been seen with double Scopaind and Double Lex.

Styles:Business shoe slot for men no longer exists. You can purchase the style however after selecting it, it just disappears. Nothing shows up for it.

Strikers Island Toyman Missions: Fix Boo Boos no longer fires correctly and heals. This has been found that it does not fire correctly if you are moving when you activate it. It fires fine when just standing still.

Strikers Island Toyman Missions: During Fun for Boys and Girls, some Obstacles are still invisible while some new ones are as well.

Fortress of Solitude Raid: Red targeted Mortors continue to fire at the players through out the instance. This even occurs when the raid is completed.

New PVE DPS weapons: While having one of these equipped, a Controller can not get their power buffs to hit the others within their party. (also possibly affecting healers ability to heal those controllers as well)

DUO Gotham Subway: At the end fight with Penguin, when Bane is there, Bane has been resetting on the stairs near a pot.

Journal: After completing some missions, the completion button does not highlight.

PvP Arenas: Being knocked out in the arena towards the end, will display both the score card and the revive option. This causes the player to not be able to leave and having to wait out the respawn timer.

Broker: The listings from one folder are being carried to the next.

Feedback From DC: When a player gets disconnected from the game, a small feedback window asking what they were doing opens up. This window has been seen to not allow a cursor into the comment section. This does not allow for proper feedback to be given.

Role switching: Has been found that during some fights, mostly in raids, the your role will be swapped automatically. This changes your icon and stats.

Controller: Was also found that the controllers stats will change while the icon showing controller role remains. This shows in the stat menu, reflecting a decrease in vit and dom making it difficult to control mobs within the instance.

DUO/Solo Challenge Gotham Subway Feat: Survival Feat, "Ain't Goin' Down" is not completing.

Travel Power Acrobatics: Normal mode of Acrobatic glide, will cease and cause you to fall to the ground. This is at random and through out the game.

Grodd Mission Arc: Post level 10; it is being seen that when given multiple weapon choices, that you can highlight but can not select your reward. This causes the mission to stay open within the journal. This seems to be related to being of a Controller power set. Isolation has been found only to occur when a "controller" is trying to complete the missions.

Raid Groups: Being seen that if a player leaves the group/instance to fast, they will appear as a "ghost" within the system and not be able to be kicked from the team.

Vote Invite: This option is not working with the F4 function. Seems more have to manually type this in order to utilize the feature.

Arkham Asylum HMA: Players do not regen power or health when out of combat.

Chat box: When using the chat box and a que pops, if the player hits enter and enter the instance, the player will not be able to walk. The current work around is hitting enter twice when in the instance to be able to walk again.

Chinatown Trigon Mission Arc: The NPC in the area, which gives you the "By The Horn" quest, seems to be missing.

Email: Mail received and checked/read, flag it as so, but flag it once again as unread when you log back in and at times when changing instances.

Mission Arc:The level 15 magic mentor quest, near the end when you have to free the bewitched Amazons by defeating beastiamorphs. All of them are untargetable. You can't complete the feat at currently.

Chat Channels: If you create custom chat channels, using the broker or Mail box randomly breaks the channel. Currently the player needs to relog to fix it.

Disconnects: Players are seeing random disconnects. Some started to notice this over this past weekend. Sometimes disconnects after trying to get back in game, AFTER being disconnected a first time.

ICE Reflect: Upon using the ability, players will lose their hard target.

Mission Omac Attack: Unable to select from the reward options. This is causing the mission from being able to be closed out and completed. (seen with a controller and tank)

Style Menu: Weapons do not show up in the preview pane.

Flying to Magic Wing in Watchtower has caused players to fall through the grate in the antechamber trapping them under the floor.

Smallville HMA: Doomsday citizens transport only updates to 3/5.

Ace Chemicals HMA: Vertical camera suddenly stops working.

Stryker's Island HMA: Headline does not play upon completion of the alert.

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CRIPES! THere are more bugs than features in that game. Holy shit that is a lot of bugs.

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Working as intended.

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