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Kazara created the topic: DCUO: Work In Progress Stats Revamp 1.2 - Atomic, Gadgets, Sorcery!

Snippet -

The public test server has now been updated with the next three powers ready for testing in the stats revamp! Atomic, Gadgets, and Sorcery are now available, and all players will start at level 30. This round of testing is still aimed at gathering feedback on powers from players in end-game content (Amazon Fury Part III) and raids.

We have released these next three powers NOT because we are finished with the Stats Revamp's adjustments or done considering feedback, but because we want more from the perspective of more powersets. On that note, we would like to give you an overall update on how the revamp is progressing.

State of the Stats!

The Stats Revamp has many parts, and we're going to divide them into two groups so you know where our thinking is at as of now. The first group is for things that we are generally happy with, are moving along as expected, and will likely require some moderate amount of additional work and feedback. The second group is for things that are still under review, where we expect much more feedback, consideration, and work before we're through.

On Track:

Remove Combat Rating Differential - check!
Adjust where player stats come from and smooth progression - check!
Adjust NPC stats - check!
Revamp skill tress/skill points - check!
Remove Advanced Mechanics and Weapon Mastery bonus damage - check!
Remove Power Points - check!
Adjust specific content as needed - ongoing, but on track!
Powerset balance adjustments post-AM/WM - ongoing, but on track!

Under Review:

Power over time changes (passive controller PoT)
Weapon and passive power regen
Ability cooldown adjustments
Ability power cost adjustments
Role-specific adjustments (related to changes above)

To learn more about the changes to Atomic, Gadgets, and Sorcery, please see the linked powerset threads below.


Download and log into the test server
Once logged in, you can continue to play existing or create new characters. Please focus on the newly released powers, Atomic, Gadgets, and Sorcery.
Visit the test vendors in your HQ to equip yourself properly.
Play end-game content, with a focus on Amazon Fury Part III (all of it) and other raids.
Return to the Testing Feedback forum, and share your experiences directly in the appropriate thread below. What is your experience at high level? Is it the same or different than your prior testing?
It will help us IMMENSELY if you can also post your test server character name, power, and level/CR with your feedback.
For feedback specific on the power sets, please use these new or existing power threads:
Stats Revamp: Ice
Stats Revamp: Mental
Stats Revamp: Electricity
Stats Revamp: Atomic
Stats Revamp: Gadgets
Stats Revamp: Sorcery
For feedback on content, please continue to use these existing content threads:
Stats Revamp: Leveling Content
Stats Revamp: Tier One Content
Stats Revamp: Tier Two Content
Stats Revamp: Tier Three Content
Stats Revamp: Tier Four Content
Stats Revamp: Tier Five Content
Stats Revamp: Tier Six Content
Stats Revamp: Tier Seven Content
Stats Revamp: Tier Eight Content
For non-testers or general comments, please reply to this work-in-progress thread you are reading now.

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