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10 months 2 weeks ago #44599 by Kazara
Kazara created the topic: DCUO: Work In Progress Stats Revamp 1.3!

Snippet -

The first part of the post is an elegantly written, detailed, and well-formatted description from the best writer. It is about the different playstyles we support. If you are interested in what playstyles we are making the mechanics of the game support, read this section. We expect three playstyles:

Hybrid - The Standard
Play from the Tray - Specialized
Weapon Focused - Specialized

The second part of this post details this round of changes. We have been hard at work visiting the forums, playtesting, and adjusting the Test Server in order to make DCUO the best it can be. We have focused this update on making the game feel more like live, especially in terms of combat pace. We made the following broad changes to make this happen:

Greatly adjusted power mechanics to make them much more forgiving
Made tanks tankier
Made controllers more controlli-er
Adjusted healing range and target numbers
We are using power mechanics to speed up the pace of the game first, and will revisit further cooldown changes after this is tested

Thank you to those of you who got through the TL;DR! And thank you to those of you who will now continue to read the rest of the post!

The Stats Revamp: Status Update

Hello. It is time to talk stats once again! Previously we made a post that discussed what we were looking into and what we had already accomplished. For a refresher here is the list again:

On Track:

Remove Combat Rating Differential - check!
Adjust where player stats come from and smooth progression - check!
Adjust NPC stats - check!
Revamp skill tress/skill points - check!
Remove Advanced Mechanics and Weapon Mastery bonus damage - check!
Remove Power Points - check!
Adjust specific content as needed - ongoing, but on track!
Powerset balance adjustments post-AM/WM - ongoing, but on track!

Under Review:

Power over time changes (passive controller PoT)
Weapon and passive power regen
Ability cooldown adjustments
Ability power cost adjustments
Role-specific adjustments (related to changes above)

I’m here to talk to you today about the Under Review portion PLUS give you a look into our process for making changes so that you can be better informed of how we design things. I think the more transparent we are about this update, the more we can collaborate, the better things will be in game and out.

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