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Kazara created the topic: DCUO: Stats Revamp 1.4!

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Hello AGAIN! It’s time for another round of Stats Revamp reading. I had to make this one shorter because my keyboard is beginning to wear down and IT doesn’t want to keep replacing them.

Today we will be talking about the following:

Weapon Balance Pass
Mod Transition
Power Set Revamps

Weapon Balance Pass

This update contains the second balance pass for the weapon playstyle. The main thing we focused on was making weapon-focused players deal more damage, with a slant toward giving those who go deeper into weapons even more damage. We did the following to accomplish this:

Weapon Combos

PftT and Hybrid users primarily use (and get lots of) powers, but still have access to weapon combos if they so desire (though what PftT player wants combos?). Weapon users are sort of the inverse; weapon users primarily use weapon combos, but still have access to tray abilities for use from time to time. To this end we have increased the damage of weapon combos based on the duration it took to get to the attack. Here it is most simply:

Weapon Combos after 2.5 seconds have gotten a scaling damage increase that grows until you invest 4 seconds into using the combo

This means that the longer the combo chain takes to perform, the more damage it does. This will give weapon users a significant boost in damage and encourage them to use longer combos. It will also give a more meaningful choice for hybrid players, as they determine how long they are going to combo before switching back to tray abilities.

Weapon Mastery

Weapon mastery combos got the same treatment as all other combos, so they will continue to be the top of the heap for weapon DPS. One thing to note here is that we increased the damage of the weapon mastery attack to include the scaling combo bonus, plus a little extra. In the end, you should be seeing a marked damage increase from weapon masteries.

...Controllers? What?!

One of the major things that controllers bring to the group is power healing. Power directly increases damage for people who use abilities. What it doesn’t do is give weapon focused players a boost, until now. We implemented a simple weapon damage buff from controllers when they user use their power heal. It works like this:

Heals the power of the 3 group members with the lowest power and the controller (already does that!)
Grants a percentage weapon damage buff to the 3 group members with the highest current power and the controller
This buff lasts for 12 seconds, so theoretically many people can get it over the course of a fight, but its most likely that the weapon user who constantly sits at high power will get it

This is our first iteration of a piece of functionality to perform this purpose, so it’s likely we will be iterating on it over the course of Stats Revamp, but it should help Controllers give more to weapon users than they used to. Please tell us what you think!

Mod Transition

I want to address mods and the transition players will likely face when the Stats Revamp goes live. When Stats Revamp goes live, players will have more choices to make with their mods than they currently do. On top of that, certain power sets will want to use mods with different stats, because we have changed which stats impact which abilities (more on that in the Light thread).

To address this transition, we have come up with a plan! This plan will allow for you to get the correct mods of your choice, and with little to no effort on your part. The details of this plan are not ready for public consumption, but please know that there is one, we recognize the concern, and will share more when we have narrowed down how it will work on the technical side of things.

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