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Kazara created the topic: TERA: Producer Letter for Autumn 2016

Greetings, TERA Citizens!

It’s been a few months since the ninja arrived onto our shores, but since then you've created over a million ninjas! That’s a lot of clone-jutsu going on in the world—but there are even better things on the horizon, so I’m here to tell you what’s to come this fall, as well as some upcoming events and news in TERA.

On Wednesday, September 7, we will be merging Highwatch, Lake of Tears, and Valley of Titans into a new server. This new server will be a completely new server type for North America: PvP 65—a twist on the traditional PvP server, allowing players to participate in world PvP only at max level.

This isn’t going to change the bulk of your activities, such as running dungeons, playing battlegrounds, and the like, but it does make it easier to start a new character, without having to watch your back all the time. We understand that some of you may prefer not to engage with PvP at all, which is why we are also offering free transfers from the new server to Ascension Valley, from September 9–13. This will give everyone a chance to settle in and see how you like things before making a final decision. For more details surrounding the upcoming server merge, please consult our Server Merge 2016 FAQ.

Soon after that, we'll be launching a new feature in TERA: Guild Battles. These battles occur weekly, and take place all over Velika. You and your guild can compete by setting up a tower, which you will then defend during Guild Battles. Battles take place once each week, and it will be a fierce competition between guilds. The guild with the last tower standing will receive all the taxes that have accumulated during that week. Guilds will require a mix of both fighting prowess and strategy to win such a big competition, and I’m personally excited to see all the battles that take place.

Guild Battles aren’t the only thing we’re adding for guilds, though. We are making some sizable changes to the whole guild system. First, the use of Catharnach Awards to level your guild will be replaced with Guild Missions that earn your guild experience to level up. As your guild grows, guild members will also have their base stats enhanced and their movement and mount speed increased via guild skills. There will be systems in place to ensure that smaller guilds aren’t placed at a disadvantage, and ways for guild masters to set up weekly distributions of gold to their members.

All this, new world BAMs, and yes, flying dragon mounts, will be coming towards the end of September.

Later on this year we will also be bringing massive changes to the sorcerer, as well as tweaks to the general system UI to make things a lot cleaner and neater for you all. The sorcerer will be receiving several new skills with brand new animations to replace some of the more outdated ones. That will improve the sorcerer’s DPS and offer better mana management for them as well. Priests and mystics will also get some minor changes. The long-term plan will be to revamp most of the other classes as well over the coming year.

Overall, it’s going to be an exciting next few months for TERA as massive changes are afoot. I’ll be seeing you all in-game and on the forums!


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