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After the critically acclaimed success ofShadow Complex during the 2009 XBLA Summer of Arcade, it’s no wonder that developers enter the 2.5D action genre with a hint of trepidation. However developer Tequila Works is taking on the monumental task with the release of their own XBLA Summer of Arcade game, zombie-thrillerDeadlight. Combining heart-stopping moments of fear with a semblance of puzzle-solving and action,Deadlight is a good game, but its own mechanics and story are a letdown.

Seattle has been torn asunder by ‘shadows’, the strange, new term given to the zombies staggering around the city. Wayne SOMETHING, the protagonist, is surviving the destruction with a group of others before they all get separated, which is where the game picks up. With very little backstory, the player is thrust into a world overrun with zombies in an effort to find Wayne’s wife and daughter.


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