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Sm1tty Sm1t created the topic: Orcs Must Die 2 Review


“Live and let live.” It’s a phrase that surely falls on deaf ears at Robot Entertainment, the studio behind the newly releasedOrcs Must Die 2 on PC. It’s not that the developers are hate mongers, violent criminals, or religious radicals. No, it’s far less extreme: they’re enablers. They enable players to kill orc after orc without remorse and, on top of that, have introduced the sorceress to this life of Orc-ocide! The very woman who was once their queen has taken to cutting, grinding, tossing, crushing, and even burning those who were once her admirers. Yes, Robot Entertainment are simply awful people, but they make a damn fine game.

With such a magnificent game being released only a short while ago, it seems that there are very few changes to be implemented to take your orc-slaying to new heights. Of those, the most glaring is including co-op -- which is added. And it’s not just a throw-in to the game; a back-story is created that makes players understandwhy the Sorceress is there and how portals have reopened after the story ofOrcs Must Die seemed to shut off any chance of that happening. The Sorceress has teamed up with the Warmage in a sort of ‘the enemy of my enemy’ move and is saved when another portal is opened, rekindling the orcs desire to enter it and wreak havoc. This new character acts …well, kind of bitchy. The one-liners and comments made during the game and cut-scenes indicates that she thinks she’s better than the Warmage. And that’s probably because she is.


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