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3 years 4 months ago #36066 by DesignsByBnC
DesignsByBnC created the topic: Wind Of Luck: The Arena Release
Move over Battleship!

Official HD Game Trailer on YouTube:

Hello, Wind of Luck: The Arena…

Calling all seamen, boaters, pirates and naval officers…or anyone else that enjoys a nice day on the water, wind in your hair and a desire to wage war on the enemy!

This is NOT your average game out at sea, earn your sea-legs as you embark on the high seas building your crew, your arsenal, and your skill levels.

The graphics and storyline generated by Trazzy for this game are themed to reflect some famous legend or history from the age of the sail period. Accuracy is retained as much as possible in the creation of this game to ensure a true-to-life experience in a virtual atmosphere. Pre-calculated results are not!

Welcome to The Arena, where you’ll:

Take command of your own warship… Yes, you’re the Captain! Then gather your friends as you hire your crew, grab a master gunner, a worthy navigator, and medical personnel to assist you in conquering the sea. Choose your fleet style with an array of Mediterranean, Caribbean and East Asian Ships from back in the day of schooners & sails, compete and earn rewards and achievements to boost your vessel to its peak performance ability.

Once you leave the docks:

You’ll be fully engulfed in active battle mode! Get ready to navigate the waters of the arena, dodging icebergs, positioning yourself for sneak attacks, searching for lost treasures, battling rough waters, enemy territory and even against pirates in the team-against-team multiplayer seascape arena. Just be cautious of the shoreline!

The 5 battle modes allow you to find your strengths, discover and improve upon weaknesses, and become one of the most notorious Captains in the game.

In return, for your efforts:

Players are awarded fame, expertise and piasters after each battle, giving you the assets needed for improving your existent ships and acquiring new ones. You can even use your piasters to make repairs, resupply ammunition, purchase more weapons, hire master crewmen, and more.

It’s not the size of your ship…. It’s the skill of the Captain that gets the job done!

Take your game to the next level by joining in on our community forums and discussion boards, meet other players, discuss strategy, share your greatest moments in the game, share videos of your battles…. Unite, Command & Conquer your opponents together on the open waters.

Are you ready to take control, command your brigade, and send cannonballs hurling through the air exploding enemy vessels on contact?

Are you ready to annihilate the other teams as they cross into your territory, protect and defend your borders, explore and expand your horizons?

The tactical challenges and battlefield conditions may not be your only downfall. Are you prepared to make friends “walk the plank” to boost your team?

What will you sacrifice to dominate the ocean? What will you gain for your sacrifices? What will you lose?

This MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game allows you to discover if YOU have what it takes to be the victor. Compete with random opponents as you take on a head-to-head battle against another team, or play a more relaxed game amongst friends where you’re free to sharpen battle skills and explore different locations before entering a full-on battle.

The choice is yours…
What are you waiting for? Come play today!

Play free at

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3 years 3 months ago #36501 by steodosic
steodosic replied the topic: Wind Of Luck: The Arena Release
I would like to add just a few more information about this game: initially released in December 2013 as Open Beta, “ Wind of Luck: Arena ” is improved and updated in September 2014. The game requires Windows based OS on preferably Dual Core PC with at least 512 Mb ATI Radeon 4850 or comparable and support for OpenGL 3.2. Also, about 3 GB of free space on HD Drive is required for installation of the game data.

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