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Kazara created the topic: The Secret World: Monthly Development Update – April 2015

Hey all!

I’m Senior Community Manager Laurie “sezmra” Payne, and I will be keeping you up to date each month on what is going on in The Secret World. I’ve been a part of the Funcom team for nearly four years, and I work with both players and developers to engage and encourage our community to thrive. For these letters I will pick the brains of the developers whenever I can, and get all the juiciest information out of them, through bribery with cookies if I must!

The Enhanced Player Experience

March brought about an integral update to The Secret World, the Enhanced Player Experience. This update included quite a few adjustments to early portions of the game that really help smooth out the experience for new players and veterans alike. Improvements have been made to monster difficulty, tutorials have become generally more useful, and the overall gameplay has really benefited from this update.

The feedback we’ve received in regards to the EPE has been helpful and we appreciate the details that our player-base and community have brought to our attention. We’re confident that new players and returning players are enjoying the improved experience. The response from those re-visiting the game has been great!

The Secret World is without a doubt still a game that will challenge players. But the challenges are introduced more gradually and players who want to focus on the main story of game will have an easier time of it. Now’s a great time to jump back in the game!

Golden Week

The Gatekeeper summoned the Guardians of Gaia once more during a whole week of Golden rewards. Events like these are simply a great way to give everyone some fun content to play while fostering community interaction between content releases. Expect more events like these in the future, offering a full week of fun, bonuses, discounts, and new items!

You might have noticed that we added a cool golem pet that took some time to collect. We’ll be seeing more of these pets. However, while the new pet introduced in the next event will still require some effort to get your hands on, the prior event’s pet will become easier to obtain. This will allow the hardcore collectors something to work towards while allowing more people access to the pets from previous events.

We’ll be sure to continue to announce these events, so keep an eye on our game launcher for this kind of information!


The #IAMTSW competition that we’ve put together has been quite exciting! The response we’ve received has been simply amazing! The #IAMTSW competition was created as a means for our community to express their creativity while showing off their love of The Secret World.

We’ll be giving away a prize pack during each round, and cabals/groups will be picking their own winners to give prizes to, also! So there’s several opportunities to show us why YOU can say “#IAMTSW” and win cool prizes including an exclusive in-game t-shirt with your character name!

The entries so far have been quite awesome, our community is so creative! Visit the official forums here and read up on how you can get started to participate in this excellent competition. We want you to show the world why you are part of The Secret World community!

Issue #11

So what’s coming up? Issue #11 is just around the corner and there will be a focus on the Orochi Tower itself, including the subsidiaries working within the corporation’s walls. Oh, those Orochi! It looks like they’ve been hard at work scheming in all areas of the world from genetic research to the media.

The Orochi Tower will bring a new experience to The Secret World bringing cool, new randomized elements that will keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. This adds replay value that’s really exciting, and I can’t wait to hop in to see what the Orochi will throw at us! Additionally, the mission will only feature a one day cooldown, which will get you back into the action quickly!

You’ll learn more about what the Orochi Group has been up to while battling and exploring your way through the literal corporate structure of the Orochi Tower. Each floor will present enemies and challenges that must be defeated to gain access to different levels where players will discover more about the secret projects haunting the tower.

You will finally see the results of the choices and decisions you’ve made so far in game's main story. Goosebumps, I’ve got them! The finalé of the first season is here! Get ready to reap the consequences of your actions and get the answers you have been waiting for.

Our one and only Romain “Tilty” Amiel provided me a sneak peek into some intriguing tech that the Orochi may have developed. What is it? What do you think it could be? Are you ready to face the mysteries within the Orochi Tower?

I cringed at the New Player Enhancement....brings up NGE nightmares. :lol: This definitely one MMO I wish I could have latched onto.

And the Deep State whispered to Trump “You can’t withstand the storm”, to which Trump replied
“I am the storm”

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