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Kazara created the topic: The Secret World: Monthly Development Update – November 2015

Hey, folks!

I’m Odonoptera, and I’ll be your host for the November development update! This has been one of the busiest months for our developers in a long time, and we’re excited to be able to speak about the fruits of our labor.

Right off the top, we are excited to announce a Gifting option from within the Item Store. A new element will be added to the in-game store interface that will allow you to purchase an item for another player, and have it delivered directly to them. We’re working on making sure the initial rollout is available by the end of the year, so stay tuned!

Two additional Nightmare Raids have been introduced to the lineup; test your mettle against an AEGIS-infused Bird of the Zero-Point Pathogen, or a maddening version of Eidolon that’s sure to drive you and your comrades up a wall. These are the most challenging encounters yet seen in The Secret World, and we hope you’ve been enjoying them!

The upcoming Issue 13 will be our final stop in Kaidan, and you will have a chance to revisit several characters from the Tokyo storyline--and even meet a new player in the chronicle of Kaidan. We’re all doubling-down on getting Issue 13’s new content released, and we’ll be able to offer a proper preview in the coming weeks.

Many of you have been abuzz with the talk of PvP updates and improvements in store; this will include changes to existing mechanics in Stonehenge and El Dorado, as well as a new function that may help with pesky agents dozing off in their anima well. We’re also actively looking into improvements for Fusang Projects, new PvP-centric rewards, as well as general ability tuning.

Along with improvements to existing warzones, we’ll be unveiling a brand-new PvP arena in the near future; you’ll be pitted against an opposing force as you vie to be the last person standing. If you caught the most recent episode of our devstream, The Streaming Ones, you may have already had a taste of what’s to come--just be sure to pack your mittens:

We also have an exciting update on our Dungeon Finder feature! This will be a new option that will allow you to automatically seek out agents for dungeons, and you’ll have a chance at additional rewards for completing encounters through the Dungeon Finder. The Dungeon Finder is now available for testing on our Public Test server, and we need YOUR feedback to make this feature as awesome as possible. If you need a primer on how to install or access the test server, please visit this link!

Finally, we’ve got a slew of new rewards in an upcoming Lucky Bag, featuring new outfits, pets, and even a new motorcycle inspired by civil servants. You can enforce the streets with your officer’s uniform & K-9 companion, or don a surgeon’s scrubs to assist Dr. Aldini with his “work”. We’ve also got a new Seasonal Bag in the works, featuring a brand-new outfit and an all-new mount type.

Whew! I think that covers it for now. Thanks for reading, folks! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave us a message on the forums, or Tweet at me: @Odonoptera



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