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Kazara created the topic: The Secret World: Top Five Most-voted Questions for Mags
Top Five Most-voted Questions for Mags, Lead System Designer

Hey, all!

You asked, and we answered! Here's your top five most-voted questions to ask Mags, our Lead System Designer! Questions are in white, answers are in italics and orange.

Jagour - Could you please shed some light on your plans for Fusang?

We've had plans to update Fusang for some time and I'm happy to say that we've moved forward with them internally. Here are our current plans, but please be aware that everything is subject to change during development and also when this goes to the TestServer and we get your feedback.

First off, we are removing all existing Fusang missions other than the Underdog mission. Instead, everyone entering Fusang is given two missions. One mission is to kill enemy players in the vicinity of a facility you own. The second mission is to kill enemy players in the vicinity of a facility they own and capture a facility. Any time a mission is completed, it will automatically be given to you again to complete. Completing these missions will give challenge credit and award Black Bullions and Marks of the Pantheon. This should focus most of the action around the facilities and incentivize holding a facility and defending it since the defend mission is much more likely to be completed several times during an attack.

In addition to this, we're also going to add dynamic events to Fusang. We'll have two to start with and may consider adding more in the future. The first event is what we like to call an "Anima Surge." A random facility's anima output will surge in the next 15 or so minutes. A 15 minute timer will appear and if your faction owns that facility at the end of the timer, everyone in your faction who is in Fusang at that time will get rewarded. The second event is what we call a "Supply Drop." A supply drop belonging to a specific faction will appear somewhere in Fusang. If the owning faction is able to pick up the supplies and bring them back to a facility they own within a time limit, everyone in their faction who is in Fusang will get rewarded. However, if the other two factions manage to find the supplies and destroy them, both of those other two factions will get rewarded. Only one event can be active at a time and they are both time limited. The purpose of these dynamic events is to break up the action a bit and create more diverse activities to participate in within Fusang.

As part of this update, we will also be re-evaluating the health and damage output of the turrets and custodians to make sure they're more in line with the power brought by Equal Footing. In addition to this, we'll also be looking into updating the World Domination buffs. We really want players to feel good about owning facilities in Fusang and strive to control them. To that end, we're looking into providing a new buff which will last for a while if a faction manages to capture all 4 facilities. This buff will be applied to all players of the faction regardless of their location. We're still in the design phase for this buff, so unfortunately, I don't have more to share right now.

Finally, we're looking into merging the final two battlegroups. Our intention with all these changes to Fusang is to have one instance of it which everyone fights over and will give everyone buffs for controlling.
This answer is a bit long, but I hope that it gets you all as excited about Fusang as we are! (...we also have plans for a bigger and more ambitious game mode that blends both PvP and PvE, but that'll have to be my secret for now!)

Brightmoon - If you could get a do-over on any existing system, what would it be and how would you change it?

If I could get a do-over on any existing system, it'd have to be the Ability Wheel. There are a lot of good points about the Ability Wheel, but there are a few things I'd like to improve even more. One such thing is improving weapon identity and diversity. To take one small example, currently you don't have to look far to find both AoE and single target abilities in any weapon. If, for example, Hammers only had columns and AoEs and Blades only had powerful single target attacks, you'd know that as a melee character Hammers is where you go if you need to take down packs of enemies and Blades is better for taking down bosses and tough monsters. The flip side of this coin, and the reason the game is how it is, is that players have a lot more freedom in making the build they want with the weapons they want.

Kaas87 - How difficult would it be to duplicate the zones for nightmare level folks? QL 10.2+ Solomon Island for example

To duplicate an existing zone for nightmare level players isn't as simple as it would seem, unfortunately. On the Systems side of things, we'd have to make new copies of every enemy with new stats and new abilities where necessary. In addition, we'd need to update their loot tables with new rewards and we'd probably have to consider updating the mission rewards as well. However, the main bulk of the work would have to come from our Gameplay Designers. When making a copy of a zone, all of the hooks and scripts and patrol paths and AI points will all break and need to be manually re-linked and in some cases, remade. In essence, they would need to remake and retest every quest in the zone to make sure everything is working properly. On top of that, they'd have to update any necessary scripts and enemy spawns to reference the new monsters that we had created.

eluros - What TSW system do you wish more players fully understood, and why?

I wish starting players were able to more easily understand using a builder to build resources for both weapons and consume those resources with each weapon. The two-weapon style of TSW seems to be one of the hardest things for newcomers to understand and utilize. Unfortunately for them, it's also necessary for them to utilize it in order to progress through the game. We have taken steps during the EPE with the revamp of the weapon selection missions in the faction headquarters and that has been successful, but it still takes new players some time to fully wrap their heads around what it truly means for creating builds.

Kaas87 - Is there any plans/ideas to revamp or add to support augments?

We have plans to expand upon all augments in the future. In regards to Support Augments specifically, I feel that the cooldown reduction ones are the most useful and widely used. That being said, there is definitely some room for growth and power increase within the budgets for the other Support Augments that could be distributed via higher levels of the Augments.

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