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Kazara created the topic: Secret World Legends' story, monetization, membership, Tokyo, and more

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We've already discussed some forms of monetization (weapon page unlocks), but folks are understandably nervous about being nickle-and-dimed since the story content itself will be forever free. How exactly will Funcom make its money? From the vanity and convenience items as well as subscriptions. But that doesn;t mean players have to spend money to play or get anything in game; Amiel explained that players will absolutely be able to get all the things in game without forking over cash. He said there will be two types of currency -- the one you buy for cash and the one you earn for play time in game. Amiel did note that there may be some slight differences to things such as vanity items in the store that can be gotten by the two currencies, but since the currencies are tradeable, players can make deals with one another to get particular items.

But of course, the game keeps running on getting cash, so everyone who wants the game to continue wants some folks to support it financially. You can do that via ala cart purchases or by subscribing.

Membership benefits

Although Amiel said he couldn't elaborate too much on what the specifics of the patron benefits are (as they are still being worked out), he did emphasize that it was similar to now and that the team was committed to making the membership enticing. Bonuses like players receive in TSW (XP, currency, etc) are pretty much a given. He said to watch for a blog that will appear as soon as it all gets ironed out. Will patrons and grandmasters earn more of the special currency used to buy all the extra goodies in the item store? That is highly likely. Remember, however, that Bonus Points have to be spent in TSW and do not transfer over. You also might want to consider spending them before SWL launches if you want to carry over specific vanity items, since you can only carry over stuff you have unlocked (most likely as of the moment you link the accounts).

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