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Topic-icon The Wii U-logy: A Final Look at Nintendo’s 8th Gen Console

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Kazara created the topic: The Wii U-logy: A Final Look at Nintendo’s 8th Gen Console

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Wii U Gamepad, A Costly Mistake

Another factor that contributed to the Wii U’s poor sales is arguably the Gamepad. While a neat and innovative idea, not many developers took advantage of it. Instead, for many it simply drove up the console’s price by another hundred dollars. This money could have gone to making the system more powerful, bridging the gap between it and the two other 8th generation consoles. Considering how games like Star Fox Zero turned out, it’s clear that the Gamepad’s controls and second screen do not always bode well.

However, does that mean there’s nothing redeeming about the Wii U? Is this all it is, a black mark on the storied history of Nintendo? Surely there must be something to the console.

I say there is. The Wii U is a deeply flawed console, sure, but it’s not without several merits. For one thing, the Gamepad is absolutely brilliant when used properly. Simple item management is smooth and immediate, with no need to break up the gameplay. Perfect examples of this are both The Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD. Two games that focus heavily on switching items and looking at maps, they benefit hugely from having access to these features at all times.

Another title, ZombiU, takes item management and makes it into a tense affair. When searching your inventory, you stop moving and crouch down. You have to manage your inventory while also keeping an eye on the TV for any oncoming threats. For a launch title, ZombiU did a decent job using the Gamepad to enhance the experience.

However, games such as The Wonderful 101 show how you can properly use the Gamepad without just being an inventory screen. To change what weapon you’re using, you draw the shape on the Gamepad in real-time. The size of the drawing affects how big your weapon is and by extension, how much damage it does. With the game built around this mechanic, it works amazingly well to make a great game!

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