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A special celebration is underway in Hew's Bane, and you're invited! In commemoration of the Thieves Guild DLC game pack's one-year anniversary, we've doubled the rewards for specific activities in Hew's Bane. Read on for all the details!

Ssshhh, come here! In case you haven't noticed…

In true Thieves Guild fashion, the Thieves Guild of Hews Bane have been quietly planning a very special event to celebrate the Thieves Guild launch anniversary. And it's live now! You can enjoy the following when playing in Hew's Bane during the event:

Double the items received from crafting nodes in Hew's Bane (This only applies to normal crafting nodes, not nodes spawned from Survey Reports.)
Double rewards for killing World Bosses and bosses in delves in Hew's Bane
Double Defiled Whiskers, the dro-m'Athra crafting style item, from killing bosses in the Maw of Lorkhaj
Increased rewards from Heists
Non-perfect Heists give the reward for perfect Heists; perfect Heists award double the crates
The return of the original Thieves Guild Collector's Bundle to the Crown Store at a substantial discount, featuring:
The Thieves Guild DLC game pack
The Hammerfell Camel mount
The Kindlespit Dragon Frog pet
Five Crown Experience Scrolls
25% off Crown Store purchases of the Thieves Guild DLC game pack

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