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9 months 4 days ago #45611 by Kazara
Kazara created the topic: Elder Scrolls Online: My Noobz Journey so Far
Hubby and I got ESO at a great sale price via Steam a couple of weeks ago. We wanted to try something new and we have been pleasantly surprised, but there are some shortcomings that are hard to ignore.

Pros (that I know of in my short noobie life so far) -

*ESO offers some enjoyable and even challenging depth that most new MMOs don't even bother with.
*Graphics are stunning
*There is no shortage of quests to experience - the world is HUGE.
*Quests are enjoyable, and can be very challenging from bosses to puzzles. The attention to detail is commendable.
*There is now housing
*There is some dynamic content (i.e. dark anchors)
*Crafting is truly interesting, but I do not know if it is important to fully geared players outside of the consumables.
*Great character creator IMHO.
*Many choices in class development via skill points.
*Buy-to-play, but the subscription is so worth the benefits (bottomless crafter resource bag and 10% xp on all things needing xp).
*There are so many emotes to access....not sure there is any ESO site that can list them all.
*Treasure maps!
* You can buy gold on 'reputable' gold seller sites for reasonable rates if you are so inclined (also discounted ESO accounts if desired).

Cons -

*The free housing is a postage stamp room you get through a quest. Decent housing costs a lot of gold or crowns, but here is the real kicker - - THERE IS NO INVENTORY for you to use. Furniture goes in, but you cannot actually store anything in the houses. This is BS, especially when you pay so much gold/crowns for the housing.
*A player really needs to fork out the bucks to buy a cash shop horse that is fully accessible to all account characters. Trust me, a mount is important in this game to get around.
*You need to join a trade guild to sell goods, and most of them do not want anyone less than a master crafter that can sell more than 10k gold a week.
*Appearance 'slot' is only via outfits through the cash shop to add to the character collections feature. ESO needs to take a look on how well LotRO handled this.
*Housing decorator mechanic is not very intuitive - - the devs should look at EQ2.
*Since your account shows your player I.D (a good thing IMHO to prevent trolling and ingame golds sellers). alongside your character name, you cannot send stuff to your alts. You need to use the account bank for toons to pickup and drop off. Only 60 bank slots unless you start ponying up the gold/crowns.
*The cash shop isn't really huge, but the stuff it sells are desirable if not near needed. It is NOT cheap. Lottery loot crates have been added.

Hubby and I are really enjoying this as a new MMO to explore and LEARN.

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