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Kazara created the topic: Diablo III’s Necromancer Arrives June 27

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The Necromancers, or Priests of Rathma, have been a highly requested addition to the game from the Diablo fanbase, after first making their debut in Diablo II. Blizzard tell us that Diablo III‘s Necromancers “Draw upon the power of blood and bone to protect humanity, transforming the lifeless carcasses of their slain enemies into undying servants—or just blowing them up, because that’s fun, too.”

In addition to the new class, those who purchase the pack will get access to some in-game cosmetic and account items. The include a new non-combat Golem pet, cosmetic ‘Wings of the Crypt Guardian’ item, two additional character slots, two stash tabs (on PC only), and a Necromancer banner sigil, shape, accent, and portrait frame.

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