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2 weeks 6 days ago #47486 by Kazara
Kazara created the topic: Getting All Eververse Items Can Cost $10,000's in Destiny 2

"While my friends are still trying to justify this game, I'm sitting here wandering around Skyrim still having a blast."

"It's like Bungie saw the BF2 controversy and was like Lol hold my beer"

"plot twist, even if you spend these 10000-63000 euro for getting everything you wont be able to keep everything since ur inventory space is limited"

"They basically spent all their development time plotting out the in-game shop and figuring out how to make people fork over more cash, instead of spending time fleshing out their actual core game. The shooting is nice, but they do absolutely nothing with it. You wander around the same four or whatever planets, visiting the same locations, playing the same raids and same public events over and over. You can see everything Destiny has to offer in like a day."

And the Deep State whispered to Trump “You can’t withstand the storm”, to which Trump replied
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