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Snippet -

the Wild West Online team is busy working towards an Alpha but took some time out to answer a few questions that were brought up by the community. This isn't the official FAQ but should answer many of the questions people have about the game and give a good idea of the scope that the team is shooting for.

More questions may be included later and a more detailed FAQ should be forthcoming.

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS (All questions are from community members)

Q: Will the game be in 3rd person or first person view? Or will it be switchable?
A: Game will have both first and third person cameras that you can switch on fly. You can also adjust the FOV for the first person camera.

Q: How will the servers be set up? specifically in regards to our characters? Will we have one character per server like WoW (and most other MMOs), or will our characters move freely between multiple servers without players necessarily noticing, like we see in GTA Online?|
A: You will have one character that you'll be able to freely move between servers.

Q: Is your class chosen ahead of time, or if it is based on skill progression? And, can you dump skills down the road in favor of others.|
A: There are no classes in the game. We're still debating exactly how character progression will work, but if we do character progression, it will be skill based.

Q: Will WWO have some sort of equipment (gear) with stats to work - progress towards like other games WoW, Rift, GW2 etc. or will it only be cosmetic like GTA?|
A: Clothing/cosmetic items will not have stats, guns and other usable items will of course have different stats.

Q: Will WWO be available for Mac OS at release or only for Windows?
A: The release will be only for windows and we will consider a Mac port if there will be significant interest from Mac player. So, Mac users make sure to be loud if that's what you want.

Q: When will the first playable alpha or beta be released?
A: We're planning an early to mid summer release for our first Alpha that will be open to the public.

Q: Will WWO be based on a character leveling system, skill progression system, or will it be a twitch/reflex action MMO?|
A: The game will mostly rely on your skills and not on a leveling system.

Q: Will this be in US historical context? If so, which time period (Pre-Civil War, Post Civil War, or late west (Big Jake Style) or Will this be "alternate universe" Wild west where the story line revolves around a huge undiscovered territory that just opened up?|
A: WWO is based on the old west of the late 1800s, early 1900s, but it's not historically correct and will not reference on any real world events.

Q: How indepth is the character creation?
A: We're still working on how deep initial character customization will be, but you'll be able to choose the sex of the character, face, hair style and color of hair, also probably skin tone.

Q: Will you be able to own a ranch or farm or, will it just be a house?
A: You will be able to own a house/farm in the game. And you will be able to customize your house and even decorate it to some extent.

Q: What kinds of systems are planned / being implemented to support ROLE PLAY? Such as emotes, character animations, chats, dedicated servers... etc.|
A: We will have a set of community run and managed RP servers, and yes the game will feature emote animations, text chat, and voice chat to support RP.

Q: Will the keybinds to all of WWO's available gameplay control functions be completely customizable?
A: Yes, every single keybind will be customizable.

Q: Regarding the cosmetic content to be offered in the cash shop, will you be sticking strictly to designs and a color palette that actually fits WWO's theme/genre?
A: Yes, this is the plan. We clearly will stay away from space suits, neon rave suits, and things like that.

Q: WWO Devs: Have you had the chance to view the polls that have been set up by forum members to observe public opinions and preference of gameplay mechanics?
A: We're monitoring the forums, but unfortunately we don't always have time to give you feedback on all those polls.

Q: Will you be leaving us ladies in skirts and dresses? Will we be able to wear trousers, chaps and normal shirts? Will there be some racy clothing for women? Can we mix and match outfits?
A: Yes you can mix and match outfits, and yes we'll have shirts, trousers, etc. Here's some of the ideas - nothing final - that we have for the ladies

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8 months 3 weeks ago #45667 by Temploiter
Interesting. I will probably give up interest as soon as a cash shop is announced.

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