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Kazara created the topic: Conan Exiles: Weekly community letter – Optimizations and fixes

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Current state of PC

We patched PC last week! Version 67264/13947 went live and introduced a lot of changes. The biggest was the update we did to the repair system: From now on you won’t be able to repair an item unless you already have the recipe. This change was made so we can increase the value of loot drops in the game – now we can give you a cool weapon earlier in the game, safe in the knowledge that you can’t completely circumvent the crafting system.

We’re going to do further iterations on the repair system such as adding a time cost to repair (to avoid cheesy stuff like instantly repairing weapons in combat), and adding items like repair kits and whetstones, which will provide the ability to make minor repairs even without knowing the recipe.

The light radius on torches and light sources were also increased. We did this for optimization reasons, because we’d like the game to run well. Brighter torches means fewer point lights, which in terms will help with framerate.

After the patch we released two hotfixes to correct some additional issues, like making sure that thrall recipes work properly, and removing an explosive jar duplication exploit.

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