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2 weeks 3 days ago #46641 by Kazara
Kazara created the topic: Crowfall: Meet the Humans and Elves!

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Thomas “Blixtev” Blair here, and today I am going to reveal the details for a handful of the Races coming to Crowfall. Yes that’s right, multiple races in one update! In the past I have been revealing a single race a time; however, as we get ready to bring 5.3 update to our TEST environment, I no longer have time to do that. So, I am going to combine a few races into this one update.

You may have seen some earlier versions of these races in one of our Crowfall Live! Twitch streams, but this update should still provide you with some new information and updates goodies for things that might have moved around or been refined.

Today, we’ll cover the Humans, the Nethari, the High-Elves and the Wood-Elves.

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