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Kazara created the topic: Crowfall: Harvesting Changes & Singapore Bloodbath

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Harvesting in Crowfall has raised the bar. The same mechanics for combat are being used in harvesting. Harvesters have what is essentially a combo system but referred to in the Q&A as pips. Pips are resources that players gain while harvesting and can have up to 5 currently. Characters can use these pips for a number of different things, like increasing the damage for the next few hits on a node, replenishing stamina that is used for harvesting, or if you have the foreman discipline equiped, give your pips to other harvesters in your group and replenish some of their stamina. Each discipline will have different abilities for the pip mechanic. Couple this with the other minor Disciplines, and there is a veritable treasure trove of combinations. Harvesting as a spec? Yes, please. Harvesting with multiple possible specs? That’s a pretty cool design feature. All of this was made possible by moving away from interacting with nodes being how players harvest nodes. Also, there are weak points on resource nodes that can be targeted with the target reticle. Blair used examples of harvesting builds like creating more frequent weak points, increasing damage done to nodes, and increasing how often a node yields quality resources. All great news for players who enjoy harvesting and crafting.

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